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The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Miami Heat on Saturday, and Cleveland superstar LeBron James stated that the latest team loss in Miami has been concerning. This was the 11th straight time the Cavaliers have lost in Heat and it’s something that doesn’t sit well with James. James, who is now 0-4 at Miami since he departed his former team, has expressed concern over Cavaliers’ recent struggle with Miami Heat.
The Cavs went to Miami with confidence and hope. Cleveland head coach Tyronn Lue has brought a small ball lineup that has been successful in the past. He made some switch, hoping for a good play in Miami. Iman Shumpert was moved off the bench to play the small forward position while Kevin Love was placed in center. But despite the aforementioned …show more content…

The team have not only lost the last four games they been in Miami, they have all ended in double-digits losses.
Cleveland currently owned the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, while the Miami sit in fourth. That’s a huge problem with Cavaliers because this has the potential to set-up a second round matchup, where it required the Cavaliers to travel to Miami for their Game 3 and 4. If the two teams were to meet in an Eastern Conference semi-finals, Miami could get the chance of turning the tide of the series by stealing a game in Cleveland.
The streak is one that goes all the way back to 2010, the year when James left his home-state Cleveland to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami Heat. The bulk of this streak was on James, who won all seven home games against the Cleveland Cavaliers during his four-year stay with the Miami Heat.
In his four-year stint in Miami , the Miami has not lost a game to Cleveland, and this streak still continues since James announced his return to Cleveland.
Both teams are positioned on the same side of the Eastern playoff bracket, and are primed for a potential second-round matchup. This could spell disaster for Cavaliers if they cannot find some

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