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  • Kobe Bryant Essay

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    Kobe Bryant (In my opinion the best athlete in history) Kobe Bryant is a name that is synonymous with greatness. He was a basketball legend who inspired millions of people around the world with his incredible talent and unwavering dedication to his craft. Many people believe that Kobe Bryant was the best athlete in history, and it's not hard to see why. He was a once-in-a-generation talent who pushed the boundaries of what was possible on the court, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations

  • Kobe Bryant Qualities

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    force in a position and lead by like an alpha wolf of a wolf pack. An honest person tells the truth even if it makes the situation better or worse. A strong person keeps their head held high throughout any situation. Kobe Bryant is the perfect example of a great flawed hero. Kobe Bryant is a NBA player who was the youngest draft pick in history in 1996. Since the moment he was drafted, he was force to succeed as a seventeen year old playing against future hall of famers. Being a natural leader he was

  • Kobe Bryant Summary

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    Kobe Bryant is regarded by fans and critics as the best basketball player of the last decade. After winning five national championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant now focuses on developing his business skills to lead his life off the court. Bryant, during his farewell tour, penned multiple letters, which focused on his experience in the National Basketball Association, that received acclaim from his peers and critics. Ben McGrath of The New Yorker responded to Bryant’s Dear Basketball as

  • Kobe Bryant Rhetorical Analysis

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    April 10th 2016, Nike released an ad tilted “Nike Athletes Salute Kobe Bryant” a couple of days before his final game in the NBA. The purpose of the advertisement was to the honor the end of a legend in Kobe Bryant. The ad deviated away from the usual Nike genre. By using other athletes, buzzwords, lighting, and allusions, Nike creates a unique ad for the retiring Kobe Bryant to be remembered by. Nike’s “Athletes Salute Kobe Bryant” begins with the new coming basketball star Kyrie Irving asking himself

  • Kobe Bryant Compare And Contrast

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    When people think of basketball they may think Michael Jordan, Kobe bryant, Lebron James, some of the greatest athletes to ever play the game of basketball. There has always been a debate about who is the better player Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. In my opinion Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever play with Kobe in a close second. There are a lot of differences and similarities in the way they play the game. Even though kobe has played for 19 years in the NBA, which is one year more than

  • Kobe And Bryant Compare And Contrast

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    Two of the biggest household names from the NBA record books, Jordan and Bryant. Both equipped with numerous awards and accolades, and many consider them as a pair of the best basketball players to ever live. Each played alongside another hall of famer, Bryant playing with Shaq, and Jordan with Pippen. So each of these players had to share the ball with another seriously talented player. Imagine the heights these two could’ve seen had they been the sole playmaker, as a player like LeBron did early

  • Kobe Bryant Compare And Contrast

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    the game of basketball. Some people think Kobe Bryant is the closing thing to Michael Jordan; other even think Kobe is better than Jordan. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have similar styles and mindset that make them among the best every play the game; but Jordan was the better player, with better statistics, and the greater achievements. Michael Jordan is 6’6 who play shooting guard (SG) and small forward (SF) positions for the Chicago Bulls. Kobe Bryant is also 6’6 who play shooting guard and small

  • Kobe Bryant Major Accomplishments

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    Kobe is one of wonderful basketball players in NBA. He was very good at study as well. However, he decided to enter the National Basketball Association. He got lots of amazing awards with his teammates or by himself in NBA. Of course he was admired by lots of other basketball players. Just take a short review on the early life of Kobe Bryant. He was graduated from Lower Merion High School. Also, he got a pretty score in his SAT exam. However, he decided to bring his talent into NBA. He was selected

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    Kobe Bryant was an American professional basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA for 20 seasons. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time and was known for his incredible talent, intense work ethic, and competitive spirit. In addition to his basketball career, Bryant was also an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Bryant's basketball career began in 1996 when he was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets straight out of high school. However

  • Is Kobe Bryant A Hero Or A Legend?

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    held 11 teams. Today the NBA has 30 teams, one being the Los Angles Lakers which held former player Kobe Bryant. Kobe was an inspirational player and was known for his accomplishments on and off the court. He would show respect to his teammates, but also devoted time to his family and helping people off the court. He is considered to be a legend and some even call him a hero. Some say Kobe Bryant should be regarded as a hero for his work in the NBA and the accomplishments he's completed, but although

  • Kobe Bryant Argumentative Essay

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    After playing in the NBA for 20 years and earning himself a title as one of the most legendary basketball players, Kobe Bryant explains why he decided that now is the right time to retire. Offering an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America," the 37-year-old Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard tells Robin Roberts that it was his 2013 injury that made him start thinking about retirement: "It was something that kind of evolved over the last three years, you know, with the Achilles injury, that

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    Kobe Bryant was one of the most influential NBA players of all time whether on the court or off. Bryant influenced everyone whether it was his skills on the court or his Mamba mentality. But it was not always that way for Kobe Bryant, from living his early years in Italy, and all the summer basketball camps in Philadelphia. Many traits he had helped him achieve the dreams he had as a little boy in Italy watching his father play. Kobe Bryant had to persevere through the tough times. Work hard to overcome

  • Kobe Bryant Research Papers

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    It's no secret that Kobe Bryant is one of the most talented, most skilled athletes of all time. But what sets him apart from all of his other teammates more than anything else, is his dedication for the sport. Unusually, Kobe was never a freak athlete like James and Bryant are. (LINK 1) He doesn't have massive hands or arms that stretch to great lengths, to some he's just as ordinary person. The secret to his acclaimed success is that he would practice working on his craft to extraordinary lengths

  • Kobe Bryant Leadership Style

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    When people talk about the best basketball player of our era, usually players such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James lie somewhere among the list. Both players were drafted out of high school in the first round and at a young age showed that they both in play are known forever as some of the greatest players to ever play. The ultimate trait in all sports is leadership. Between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, it 's difficult to say who is the leader of their team, whereas they both exist as the core

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    said “Kyrie Irving”, “Wilt Chamberlain, “Michael Jordan”, “Lebron James”, “Stephen Curry”, “Kevin Durant”, “Kareem Abdul Jabbar” , “Tracy Mcgrady”, “Allen Iverson”, and “Kobe Bryant”. Kobe Bryant was the most dominant player in the NBA, and will go down in history as the most successful basketball player ever. Kobe Bean Bryant was the most outstanding player in the NBA, due to the fact that he was drafted out of highschool which most players in the NBA rarely are, but he was the 13th pick in the

  • Research Paper On Kobe Bryant

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    Do you look up to Kobe Bryant or any other basketball player? You should consider playing and try to reach for what they have accomplished. Kobe Bryant has won 5 championships with the Lakers and so can you. Basketball is a great sport that is played worldwide in schools and outside of schools. Like the NBA there is also college and high school basketball that are just as competitive. Like most sports, basketball is a great sport that can lead to painful injuries and/or new friends. Like any other

  • Kobe Bryant In NBA Sports

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    Kobe Bryant was once quoted saying, “You always have to be on edge. You always have to take every practice, every game, like it is your last”. He has proven this by winning five championships, two scoring titles, one season MVP, and has been elected to fifteen all-NBA teams. Kobe Bryant was born in 1978 in Philadelphia. His father, Joe “jelly” Bryant was also a basketball player. In 1984 Joe left the NBA and took his family to Italy for him to play in international basketball. Kobe took after his

  • Compare And Contrast Jordan And Kobe Bryant

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    players.” (LeBron James) Before comparing and contrasting there are few things that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have in common. They both have determination that carried both of their teams to the NBA final, and they both are the best players of all time. During the 90’s and 20’s century there were two basketball players of all time one named Michael Jordan there was another player named Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 (age 52) in Brooklyn, New York. When Michael Jordan

  • Compare And Contrast Jordan And Kobe Bryant

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    Michael Jordan versus Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have been compared to each other more than any other players in the NBA. On and off of the court the two are almost identical. Kobe Bryant is seen as a clone of Michael. The older Kobe gets the more his personality adapts to being more of a Michael Jordan. One of the few differences of the two is their stats, but their personalities along with their highlight reels look identical. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are different when it

  • Kobe Bryant Compare And Contrast Essay

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    Two of the greatest players to ever step on a basketball court, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. When thinking of greatness in the realm of basketball, these two definitely come to mind. They revolutionized the game and brought a standard to be met- Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. These two players were very similar in many ways. The moves they made were the exact same from the fade away jump shot, to the way they dunked the ball. It was all identical but not the same(P//5). They both managed to have