Narrative Essay About Basketball

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Air ball— again. My form was lost, coordination gone, and so was my patience. I’ve stopped playing basketball for 3 months mainly because of school work and things going on in my life. I was determined to get my skills back no matter how long it’ll take. I started a game of basketball with other people inside the gyms court. As soon as I got the ball, I started to race down the court pounding the ball as I was dribbling. I squared up facing the hoop getting ready to take my shot. I raised my arm up, releasing the ball with my fingertip with poor form and arc. The ball went flying towards the hoop very fast. The sound of the net went swoosh but, sadly it was an air ball. Unfortunately, I lost the basketball game for us; the people on the…show more content…
I started to practice at my house—it was the only hoop available for me at the time. Everyday, I would go outside and just shoot as many shots as I can so, I could make my form better. A few weeks of practicing, I started to see progress in my form—I made more shots than usual. Since I thought I was getting better, I decided to ask my parents if they could put me in a basketball team. My parents agreed without any hesitation. After that, I trained hard so that when the moment came, I could show off my…show more content…
This way, he can determine which role is best for me to play. During the game, I loved shooting outside the 3 point line. The role he chose for me was a shooting guard. I have my first game in a few days so, I practiced my shooting and dribbling. I started another game with my teammates so, we could practice our communication for when the game day came. Today, was tiring. I did all my practicing so that I just have to rest and get ready for tomorrow 's game. I get ready for my game by putting on my uniform. The game is starting and the whole crowd is cheering for
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