Personal Narrative: The Red Cedar Team

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Last year I played basketball for the Bath team and Red Cedar team. In my last game I had 24 points, over 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks. After the game the opposing coach came up to me and asked if I wanted to join an AAU team and at the time I didn’t know what that was. He gave me his number and I learned that AAU was a league for really good basketball players.
“Are you really serious about basketball?” said my Dad
“Yes Dad, I’m sure” I said
“Then let’s call the coach” said Dad Then we called the coach and started going to practice. I made some friends and I had people on my team that I 've played against so it was kind of awkward at first but then we all became friends and a great team. The team consisted of me, Ali, Cole, Javion, Marquise, …show more content…

“I heard they are really good” said Ali
“I don’t think we can win this one” said Teo
Then Coach Jenkins came up to us and said, “ Don’t think like that guys, they are human just like you, don’t think just because they are an A team means they are like gods. You can beat them” That speech motivated us to the point where we weren’t scared. We weren’t intimidated either. We couldn’t care less that they were the A team.
When we played them, right off the bat,Boom, we won the tip off and Ali made a three pointer. They came down the court and we go a steal, ran down the court and made an easy layup. By halftime we noticed something, the expressions on their face… they were shook. We had intimidated the A team and that pushed us to play even harder and make sure everyone knew we were a dangerous team to play against. We beat them and we were happier than a kid at a circus. We had become the A team.
The reflection of this story is work hard and always practice and you will succeed. It’s okay to have fun every once and awhile but don’t mess around too much and don’t be cocky. Being cocky can lead to failure and

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