National Basketball Association Essays

  • Basketball: The Women's National Basketball Association

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    Basketball is mostly recognized as a male dominated sport. The National Basketball Association or NBA, is the leading facet in the sport, basketball. Although the Women 's National Basketball Association or WNBA is equally as important as the NBA, the NBA is more popular. This may be because the WNBA lacks the excitement of dunking and fast tempo gameplay that usually occurs in NBA games. Players such as, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry are publicized over players such as, Brittney Griner

  • James Naismith: The National Basketball Association

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    one of the best, most influential sports of all time; he gave us basketball. Possibly known as the most popular sport in the world, basketball gave many people from countries in poverty a chance at a better life in America, home of the National Basketball Association or the N.B.A. On August 3, 1949, The Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the National Basketball League (NBL) merged to become the National Basketball Association. Later that year, George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers (now

  • Michael Jordan's Best Basketball Player

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    However, more important than the records and the victories, Jordan got a charm, class and a nice person image that made him bigger- much bigger- than basketball, and his name and face recognize immediately all over the globe. It seems everyone not just basketball man branch out into the motion picture industry and star in the animated movie, Space Jam, which is a huge box- office smash and ender him to even more fans worldwide. He was the country’s No.1

  • The Boston Celtics: The Most Successful Team

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    finals but couldn't win it. Prior to his first season with Boston Auerbach made many notable moves to improve his new team. He snubbed a future hall of famer in Bob Cousy and drafted Chuck Cooper the first African American to be drafted in National Basketball Association he effectively broke down the color barrier present in the league at the time. Whatever Auerbach did worked the new team centered around future hall of famer Ed Macauley improved to a thirty nine wins and thirty losses record but ended

  • Model Minority Stereotypes In American Sports

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    he past 40 years have witnessed an increase of Asian athletes in American sports. In addition to their low population, earlier Asians lived in an era when racial discrimination and oppression impeded their access into sports (Zhao & Park, 2013). Asians had been discriminated against since the arrival of Chinese immigrants as cheap labor for the railroad and mining industries during the mid-1800s. This discrimination became more obvious during World War II when thousands of mostly Japanese Americans

  • Mario Chalmers Research Paper

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    1986 in Anchorage, Alaska USA. Best known by the name Mario Chalmers, he is a professional basketball player, currently playing for the National Basketball Association team Miami Heat. Over the course of his career, Mario has enjoyed a number of achievements, as he was the NBA Champion with Miami Hit twice, in 2012 and 2013 seasons against Oklahoma City Thunders and San Antonio Spurs. His career as a basketball player has been active since 2008. Have you ever wondered how rich Mario Chalmers is? According

  • Mark Cuban Case Study

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    Mark Cuban bio Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. He is the owner of the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s Dallas Mavericks. He is also the co-owner of 2929 Entertainment and chairman of AXS TV. American nationality Cuban is of Caucasian ethnicity and follows Christianity in religion. He is also well-known as an American television personality and an entrepreneur. Mark Cuban age and family Mark Cuban was born on 31st July 1958 located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Essay On Outliers

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    We have learned ever since we were introduced to statistics that outliers don’t just fit in. In Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, these people gain a new definition: they do fit in. So much, in fact, that people shape their own lives to become an outlier. We idolize them and crave to be as successful as them, while they are really just the same as each one of us. What makes them true outliers is a combination of fate, fortune, and fervor. Gladwell argues that self-made men (or women) do not exist. He

  • Michael Jordan Persuasive Essay

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    Did you know that Michael Jordan averaged about thirty points a game, and retired with six NBA championships. The debate between who the best basketball player of all time has been going on for many years. Two of the names that come up a lot in this conversation are Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Many of the reasons why this decision can never be agreed on is because of many things. Those things including statistics, how many NBA championships have been won, and what you have been awarded with

  • Black Mass: The Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger

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    Black Mass, the Johnny Depp fronted biopic about the life of notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger, has been one of the big successes of the fall season so far. It opened strong at the box office, raking in a$31 million in its first week, and has put Depp in serious conversation for the best actor trophy at next year 's Academy Awards. The movie is clearly a bonafide success, but how different would Bulger 's story be if Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were the ones who told it? The pair have long

  • Compare And Contrast Jordan Vs Kobe Bryant

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    A lot of people will tell you that Michael Jordan was the best player to ever play in the NBA, and that Kobe Bryant doesn 't quite measure up to him. Kobe and Jordan are likely the most commonly compared basketball players, because their styles of playing the game are very similar. However, Kobe is underrated compared to Michael Jordan because he didn’t always have a good team around him, which resulted in less championships and less attention towards earning the MVP award, and the amount of injuries

  • Michael Jordan Field Goals

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    Michael Jordan’s assassin mentality to score the ball is a one huge reason why he is the best. Michael Jordan played fifteen seasons in his hall of fame career and made 12,192 field goals, which lead up to be 32,292 points. He is in the top five in the NBA All Time Scoring list at number four. He is also in the top five in the NBA All Time Field Goals Made list at number four. This is just in the regular season, in the playoffs Jordan ranks number one in points with 5,987 and ranks number two in

  • Personal Narrative: Tim Duncan

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    My, oh my, there are so many great individuals out there who I would just love to be able to have a ten-minute conversation with. I’m a huge San Antonio Spurs fan, so if I had to pick someone; it would have to be Tim Duncan. To begin with, ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved watching the Spurs games late at night with my dad. I remember shouting, “Go Timmy Go!” every time he made a basket. In my opinion, at age thirty-nine, he is still the most consistent player in the NBA player who everyday

  • Compare And Contrast Golden State Warriors Vs Pelicans

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    New Orleans Pelicans vs. Golden State Warriors O ur New Orleans Pelicans are getting ready to face off with the Golden state warriors in Oakland, California. Super star Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warrior team want to win their first game at home. Jarvin Mitchell reports “In order for this team to beat the Pelicans they need to keep Anthony Davis out of the paint his focus is almost always the paint.” June

  • James Harden Case

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    Fans of James Harden have been wondering how he is doing and what is going on now that news is out that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are not getting a divorce. Khloe was dating James before Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel and now she is back with him. Hollywood Life actually shared how James Harden found out that he was single once again and it doesn't sound like it went the way it should have, but James is just fine with it all. Harden has a lot going on in his life and maybe it just

  • Personal Statement: My Advanced Pre-Veterinary Program

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    I’m Melanie Lint from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and I’m writing to you because I am interested in playing softball at Virginia Tech. Not only am I interested in your excellent softball team, I am also interested in your advanced Pre-Veterinary program. While viewing your college page and softball stats, I’ve noticed that one of your pitchers will have graduated by my graduating year, and the other will be a senior. You built the program up so much since you got hired in 1995 and I would love to be

  • Summary Of Oklahoma City Thunder By James Harden

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    James Harden played with Russell Westbrook on the Oklahoma City Thunder during the first 3 years of his career. After three years of trying to win a championship and an embarrassing 4-1 loss to Lebron James’ heat in 2012 James Harden made a grievous choice to leave the Oklahoma city Thunder. In every year since Harden has left Westbrook he has been an all star, made the all NBA first team three times and led the Houston Rockets to the 2nd seed in the Western conference all by himself. James Harden

  • A Brief Note On The Lakers And The Golden State Warriors

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    Golden State Warriors are two prestigious franchises. How would both these teams face off in today 's game? The 2000-2001 Lakers and the 2015-2016 Warriors. Both teams from different eras and a different style of game. The Warriors play an up-tempo basketball game and the 2001 Lakers played more of a slow tempo give the ball to the post type of game. Both teams had quite a few all stars on their roster the Warriors had 3 stars on the team and the Lakers had 2 stars. They both had role players that played

  • X Factor For Both Team's Heading Into The NBA

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    X Factor for Both Team’s Heading into the Finals We are less than two days away from Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors for the third straight year. With the addition of Kevin Durant, the Warriors have a better shot of dethroning the defending champions despite finishing with a worse record than the previous year. Leading into these finals, most of the chatter has been surrounding LeBron’s legacy and Durant’s need to finally win a championship, but

  • Raptors Argumentative Essay

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    The Toronto Raptors (50-31) begin their march back to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks (42-39). The Raptors are clearly the more talented team top to bottom and boasted a much stronger offense (6th ORTG vs 13th in ORTG) and defense (8th DRTG vs 16th DRTG). However, the Bucks have maybe the best player in the series, the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis is in the midst of a breakout season with crazy averages of 22.9 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 5.4 apg, 1.7 spg and 1.9 bpg