Descriptive Essay On Basketball

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The Creepy Basketball First, it was a cold dark night in the winter only one sound MO! HA! HA! HA! HA! It came for the haunted house down on fourth with the creepy basketball. The man living there wanted to find out what was there they named the ball LeBron James the man how owned the house was Steph Curry. It came out one night he picked up a chair a tried to hit the ball with it he missed and the ball went back under the rug and back into his hoop. So Steph called Kevin Durant a teammate of Steph’s and said, “Will you come over to check this out and stay the night I’m so scared”. Next, Kevin came over and the ball stayed their waiting he waited till two weeks passed then it happened again. The ball came out when Steph was home unaccompanied it came out Steph thought as fast as he could he swiftly ran to the kitchen gripped a knife. Luckily the silver wear door was right as you walked in the kitchen. So he tried to pop the ball with it but the ball tripped him up. He fell face first the ball was just about to sink his in then Steph put the knife right between his teeth and the LeBron jibed his tooth and went under the rug back to his hoop. Then, Steph called all of his bodies over Mickle Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Jonson, Larry Bird, and Shack. The ball saw all those people and wanted to cause some havoc so he came out. All of them saw the ball it was a frightening sight for Steph’s friends. They all had weapons the ball
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