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How Competitive Sports is Beneficial Children at a young age have a lot of energy, To solve that problem, they are sometimes put into a competitive sports team. Many will disagree and say that this is unacceptable , while others say that it is beneficial. Children should be able to be put in sport teams because most children play sports as a passion,and it not only benefits them with being athletic and healthy, It's also favorable to children because only its a game, it also teaches children morals, and life lessons. One reason Children should be able to play sports, is that playing sports is beneficial to the kids health. Research from Livestrong has shown that kids who partake in sports and,that are active have a minimle chance of becoming obese. Further more, children have a less of a risk with getting diabetes, than kids who do not participate in athletics. Research done by Livestrong suggests that When kids participate in sports teams, they are encouraged to eat more healthy. In short, kids who play and are in sports teams are more healthy, and get more exercise than kids who are not in teams. Playing sports its not only “A game,” it teaches children important life lessons, and also lesson criminal activity. This is supported …show more content…

Many may argue, that Sports will ruin their daily lives because of time consuming practices and games. People who do play sports with a passion will say, that it is worth your time to practice, because to them it is not just a sport, its somthing they are passionate about. They only want to get better. This fact is supported by an experience of my own. Taking 3-4 hours of my day at in the pool swimming, I used my time practising getting better as a swimmer, and it did put a amont significant of pressure on me, which is true, but that pressure is what made me an amazing competitive

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