Positive And Negatives Of Competitive Youth Sports

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Competitive youth sports have many benefits for kids and teens. However, many other people are convinced that sports can have a negative impact for children. But, there are still more positive effects in competitive sports. I believe that sports are beneficial for kids because they develop long-term life skills, improve physical well-being and health, and help expand their social skills. One positive effect of youth sports is that they help teach athletes important and long lasting lessons to have during their life. For example, a competitive environment teaches kids how to handle pressure and criticism (Mango 3). Most sports have situations that put athletes in tight spots. Even though they push them out of their comfort zone, it teaches them how to keep cool and figure it out. Some may say that too much pressure for youths can leave a negative impact on them. On the other hand, by learning how to cope with the tension and criticism from supportive coaches and teammates, kids can persevere through these problems and grow stronger mentally. In addition, kids learn problem-solving skills that may help them surpass obstacles in their later lives (Website). Children tend to depend on the knowledge of others to figure out problems for them. When I tried wrestling for the first time, competing on the mat all by myself was very anxious and daunting. Even though it wasn’t the most enjoyable, t taught me how to stay focuseand just move through it. By learning how to think

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