Argumentative Essay On Youth Sports

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In this day and age with professional athletes being at the top of the social spectrum, youth sports have gotten very popular. “More than 26 million children ages 6 to 17 played team sports in 2014(Rosenwald).” Youth sports are very popular because it brings the great feeling of being on a team. When you are on a team you feel like you can do anything together, and nothing is stopping you. There are also many flaws in youth sports. In recent years studies have found that some kids have been steering away from sports. Numbers in kids playing sports has gone down nearly 4 percent from 2009, according to a widely cited survey by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Total sports played have plummeted by nearly 10 percent. People were curious why this was happening, so studies were conducted to find out. The researchers found out that there have been added pressures by three main sources, parents, coaches, and self pressure. Kids look up to their parents and coaches and would never want to disappoint them. The parents and coaches being the role models they are for the kids, that makes the pressure even more effective. Many kids around the United States have been leaving …show more content…

Kids leave sports for reasons not just because it was a bad sport. Most kids leave because of the added pressures to win. Most kids play sports to learn how to play the right way, and to have fun. If someone could find the bliss between the two, youth sports would be the best thing that ever happened to the world. There is such thing as healthy competition. Kids need competition, but not to much. When more pressure is put on from coaches during a game it makes the game two times more competitive. It is really tough for coaches to be able to tell if the pressure it is affecting the kids but they have to be cautious because their words mean a lot. During game action coaches have the most influence on

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