Why Is Basketball The Best Sport Essay

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Why Basketball is the Best Sport (Rough Draft) Did you know the sport of Basketball was invented in 1891 and was played with a soccer ball and a peach basket? Due to the popularity of this game there were many developments to the game such as a different ball used for basketball, new hoops being constructed with backboards and many different accessories such as shoes, headbands, and jerseys. Over one hundred years later the game of basketball is one of the most popular sports to play and watch in the world. The games fast paced and high scoring game makes a thrilling moment for the people that are playing and watching. Due to this people form all around the world play basketball professionally and for leisure. Basketball is the best sport because playing basketball has a lot of benefits for your health, it is a lot of fun to play as well as watch and it requires a lot of skill. These …show more content…

Playing basketball helps burn your calories and build your endurance. Since basketball is such a fast paced game, playing one hour of basketball can burn 630 to 750 calories, and will help build endurance as there is a lot of running from one basket to the other. Playing basketball also helps to build muscle and improve balance and coordination. Playing basketball requires you to use all of your muscle such as your legs to jump for a dunk or dunk, and your hands and arms to dribble or shoot. Due to the constant the constant dribbling, jumping and shooting it helps train and build your muscles. As well as building muscle playing basketball also helps improve balance and coordination as doing multiple things at once are required such as jumping and shooting at the same time. Basketball also develops self-discipline and concentration as it is required to make the right decisions in a game and make good judgements that will help in winning. This is why basketball has a lot of benefits for

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