Persuasive Essay: Why Football Is Better Than Soccer

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In our generation , there is a debate on which sport is better , for example football or soccer? For many people, the two sports are their favorites, but there are groups of fans who believe that the other sport is just a joke. Supporters of the two sides can fight each other for many years and will not have a winner on what sport is better. However it can be prove that Football is the favorite sport in the United States , but soccer is the sport of the world. The first factor that makes soccer a unique and better sport than any other is that soccer can be play without any complications or conditions.. Soccer can be referred as a cheap sport, this can sound stupid, but is not. Other sports demand some minimum conditions in order for the sport to be play. Basketball requires a …show more content…

Because it makes you believe in yourself, because there are players besides being idols are great people, because the one that plays better does not win, but one that left his heart in the field, because soccer is the only religion that has no atheists, Because if you do not feel the game for soccer you wouldn’t understand it, because knowing that you lost is the first step to a victory, because is a passion that make us happy, because is more than just a game, because no matter the time or the place soccer is played everywhere, because we all dream of making the best move or the best goal in a match, because there is nothing else cuter than winning, because even if we lose we always have a rematch a second chance, because it is the sport in which your friends can become enemies and enemies can become friends, because nothing is said until the end of 90 minutes, because it takes more than talent to succeed, because there are players who leave everything on the field, because it is a passion that lies in our hearts, for such a simple object as the ball can make millions of people happy, for this and more soccer is the most beautiful sport in the

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