Soccer Is Better Than Football Essay

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Is football or soccer harder this is a very talked about topic and I believe that soccer is a much more endurance based sport most players have to run up to 8 miles per game while in football players have to run no longer than 15 seconds for a short play getting constant breaks throughout the game.
When it comes to football and soccer one is definitely more physical than the other while in football the main point is to viciously collide into each other to prevent an opponent's play or to try to make a play but all football players are equipped with the gear to take the hits while soccer players have no gear but shin pads and some goalkeepers wear protective head bands but that is very uncommon. So if a soccer player is to collide with an opposing …show more content…

Soccer is a very strategic game and you have to mentally think about each move or play that is being presented because just kicking the ball around isn't an effective method and most times won't result in a Victory. While football does present many plays you must memorize some player have arm bands with the plays one then soccer players don't have this benefit.
I'm not saying that football is a easy sport even though players are dressed in full protective gear they can take some nasty hits and easily get up like nothing happened, Some say soccer player are weak because they fall if there ever so slightly touched in their defence those players are trained to do that with hopes of a penalty or free kick which will let them regain position or for a chance at goal.
Over all soccer is a much more mentally and physically exhausting sport i'm not saying football isn't any of these football is a tough sport as well but soccer definitely gives and presents much harder of a challenge for people entering the sport a person just entering the soccer realm will realize that soccer may be one of the least easy sports to join most good soccer player have played since they were little and it definitely pays off. Football is an easier sport to join I have seen soccer players that have joined football and we're actually really good because the quickness and mental smartness of the

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