Argumentative Essay: Football Is Powerful

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Football is powerful. Football is a powerful sport because of all the contact and rough play. Football strengthens children’s body’s so that they are strong and healthy. Powerful is a great word for football because it means something to the sport. Powerful shows children that there is not an ending for them without backing down from a tackle. Football power urges children to keep pushing and pushing until they get the thing that they are after. Powerful leads children to success. Parents should let their children play football because of teamwork skills, physical fitness, and sportsmanship skills.
First, parents who let their children play football develop better teamwork skills. “Teamwork helps children fight for their team” (Tanner 1). If children play football it helps them work with different people to …show more content…

Some people may think this, but they are mistaken. Football players can get concussions. Concussions can be very serious because they are blows to the head and body. Even though children can get concussions, football creates so many benefits. Football has more benefits than one concussion. Children feel pressured in football when parents are telling them that it’s to dangerous (Rosenwald 2). Football does create pressure for children, but most of the pressure comes from parents. Parents need to think about the lifelong skills and benefits football can bring to their child. According to Walsh 1 “in most cases traumatic injuries require surgery and physical therapy.” Surgery in football can be a big deal, but it’s not a big deal for those children that think about the benefits of football. Football has benefits that will stay in children’s heads for as long as they live. Surgery does not have any good benefits children can use for their lifetime, besides helping their body heal. There is a lot of benefits in football, so there’s really no reason why parents should hold back their children from playing

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