Sports Rhetorical Analysis

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Sports What sports do you play? If you don’t play sports what do you do on your free time? Here I am going to talk about the sports I play. Also i will talk about the sports i would consider playing! In paragraph two I will be talking mainly on Football. In paragraph three I will be talking about Basketballl. In paragraph four I will talk about wrestling! In paragraph five I will be talking about baseball. Last but least I will talk about MMA! Hope you savor my story. Do you know what Football is? Football is for people who are highly proficient. Not only do you have to be very flexible but you have to be alert at all times. If you are not alert you will get hammered into the ground and not know what happened to you. Football …show more content…

All you do is bat and ground the ball and through it to a person. You do have to run a lot. But compared to the rest of the rest of the sports baseball is the most laid back. I remember one game where I played third base and our team was so good no one got to third base so I just got to stand there and look pretty! Most girls like football players better than baseball. The reason for that is because football is more of a physical sport and you have to be tough. Baseball is a wimpy sport. I played baseball in 5th and 6th grade and I didn’t really care for it. Mr. Hartley was a great coach but I just wanted to stick to Football. If you are going to play baseball here is some advice. Don’t be afraid of the …show more content…

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. A lot can happen in a match people can get killed from on single punch. MMA is a very crucial sport. I would play it if we had a place to around where I live. MMA is mostly kicks, punches, and headlocks. If you get kicked or punched right in the right spot on your head you could get a major concussion or in a worse case, killed. I would consider MMA to people who fight a lot in school. People who fight a lot in school most likely will become a MMA fighter. Such as Anderson Silva in 3rd grade he broke a kid 's nose for calling him a girl. Here is some advice for MMA “it’s not about hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and get back up.” Do you remember any of what I just said? If not you are a fortunate person because this paragraph will sum up what I just said. I talked about Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, and MMA. I talked about the pros and cons about the different sports. Hope you

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