Importance Of Socialization In Sports

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Socialization is a process of learning and social development. Socialization occurs when we interact with one another and become familiar with the world we live in. Socialization is important to the development of personality. Youth sports can play a crucial role in social interaction such as actively interacting with others, synthesizing information, and making decisions for ourselves. Although sports may apply stress, anxiety, and social pressure on the young athletes, youth sports build and develop character, confidence, and ultimately self-worth. Sports provide opportunities to explore and develop young athletes. Young athletes can identify themselves apart from playing sports through connecting with others and building new relationships …show more content…

Transferable values like leadership and communication are not only applied to sports, but also constantly through school and the work place. Communication and leadership skills can be taught through teamwork. Teamwork consist of motivating others and working together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork also delegates duties and constructive feedback to their teammates. For instance, I did wrestling in high school and I became one of the captains during my senior year. I learn the essence of leadership and what it meant to be a leader for others. I serve as a role model through my diligence and discipline at not only practices and meets, but also during school. I motivated my teammates on and off the mat through my academic excellence. I am now currently the president of the Filipino student association at Houston Baptist University. Many of the leadership qualities I have acquired through wrestling is applied daily to the club I represent on campus. While these transferable values show great importance in sport, these values are also highly desirable in society because leadership foreshadows the potential impact the individual will make in the

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