The Sanctity Of Sunday Football Why Men Love Sports Analysis

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Assignment #1 “The Sanctity of Sunday Football: Why Men Love Sports?” Douglas Hartmann 1) With children and teenagers, what purpose do sports play? • One of the main incentives for children and teenagers to play sports, is so they can connect and socialize with one another. 2) What are some of the upsides and downsides to youth sports? • Some of the upsides to youth sports is them being able to socialize and portray their individual characteristics or personalities. • Though there are many good reasons why one should play sports, there are also some incentives for youth not to participate in sports. Some research shows that youth may go through some physical and psychological harm, and that sports may also make minority or youth in poverty to deviate from a course that may …show more content…

Why do men play male? • For the men without the stamina to participate in sports the way that professional athletes do. They can still feel like they are a part of it by going to sports games and watching them on the TV. • Men are all about maintaining their masculinity, and if sports is perceived as being masculine, they’re going to do all they can to participate in it. By doing and participating in sports, their masculinity cannot be challenged. 7) What do you think the following line in the article means? “’The stronger women get, the more men love football.’” • I think that it means that men can get threatened by strong women sometimes. When they feel threatened they become even more absorbed with football or some other masculine sport as a response to strong women, because in these masculine sports men are more prominent then women. 8) Is there one kind of masculinity or does Hartmann present multiple kinds of masculinities? Explain. • Throughout the article I can only see Hartmann referring to one type of masculinity. The one that is tough, aggressive, assertive, physical and competitive. 9) Pick question a or question

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