Essay On Masculinity

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Masculinity (also called boyhood, manliness or manhood) is a set of attributes, behaviors and roles generally associated with boys and men. But the culture doesn’t end at the definition, it starts from there. The first thing to come to mind when the word masculinity is heard is usually a man flexing his gigantic muscles, as the word might sound to suggest, and that right there is the current culture of masculinity because sadly, in the world we live in, not everyone has a “muscular body”.

So far we know the concept of masculinity, but the culture is what is truly hampering. It’s impossible to deny how far the desire for a male child has spread throughout the world, so there are great expectations associated with male births. One of the popular ones being that one day the child will grow up to succeed his father, and take care of the household. But does the upbringing of men in this culture really help them? Analyzing a common male child growing up, from the …show more content…

So far and so, even personas in the cartoons children watch are so definitive. The distinction created between the types of cartoons boys are “supposed” to watch and girls are supposed to is so great that men who want to watch cartoons like Barbie have to do it in secrecy. As goes for expression, they have to do everything that deviates from the norm in secrecy. Whether it is liking a boy band or closet homosexuality, the emotions and actions the culture of masculinity restricts is far too great. It’s too austere. Most men don’t even pursue their life’s dreams and/or goals because it’s considered to be a “feminine pursuit”. Such as the fields of Ballet, theatre, etc. That is the extent to which the lives of men are hampered that you may live your entire life in a shell, a shell of fear about the culture, a shell of bottled emotions and regret. The definition of true masculinity should be to lay in your own skin comfortably and be who you are as a person, and not what

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