Exemp 3.07 Week 1 Discussion 1

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1. There are a bunch of ways to test to see if a possession was real. They would test a possession by using a dhup or an incense by putting it under the nose of the “possessed”. If that person did not flinch with the incense under their nose, then they were thought to be possessed. 2. According to Judith Butler, masculinity comes from sports (football) and other culturally influenced activities. She states that biologically a man is a man, however a man is taught how to act through activities. For example, Butler used football saying “teaches men, both young and old, how to act like men, and women, both young and old, what to expect from them” (McBride 130). 3. The definition of logocentrism from Nye states that there could be multiple interpretations to one word because there is not a clear definition. Scholars should avoid using logocentrism because they could interpret it differently than others. It should also be …show more content…

A bias that I have developed so far in this class is that it made me cynical. I have developed this through readings in which people have used their discourse to manipulate others. A big factor in this bias is the book Holy Terrors, in which Osama bin Laden and George Bush are using discourse to manipulate the people of their countries to join in their political agenda, even if they are in the wrong. Bush telling the media that they could only broadcast certain clips of Osama, so that people would not feel as though he is just another leader trying to do good for his people. Bush wanted us to feel like Osama was evil and this played a big role on my cynical views. Another push on my cynical viewpoint was the televangelists that were discussed in class. These ministers said that they were Christian and yet were getting rich off of preaching Christian views. They were buying expensive homes and luxuries that were not necessary. They helped influence because how can you believe someone preaching Christian views, when he is sinning at the same

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