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  • The Bible In The Bible

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    The Bible is not just a bunch of stories to give you something to feel better and cope with life. It’s God’s story. The Bible is God’s plan; “There are no random personalities, events, or circumstances. There are no unexpected situations. None of the actions recorded in the Bible caught God by surprise. Each word of Scripture is designed to move the plan forward in a way that glorifies God and points to Christ” (Hulshof, p. 4, ¶ 5). God’s plan is to rescue, redeem, and restore humanity. He will

  • The Written Word: The Bible In The Bible

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    The Bible is the written Word of God. It begins with God and ends with God. All of its contents concern Him. The Bible is not a record of man’s quest for God. The Bible is God’s message to man. It is an unfolding of God’s truth to man so man might find a path back to God and a basis for fellowship with Him. Our faith can rest upon the Word of God. The written Word reveals the Living Word. With a solid scriptural foundation, we can intelligently and convincingly present the Good News. The Bible is

  • The Importance Of The Bible In The Holy Bible

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    The Holy Bible has been one of History’s reliable source of spiritual wisdom and guidance for many centuries. Most Christian pastors within the religious communities view the Bible as divinely inspired and without error. As divinely inspired as it may be, there are some bible stories and verses that may cause church members to question the validity of the scriptures and the knowledge of the pastors. 10 Jesus Didn’t View Himself As God In the pages of the Gospel of John, there are notions in it

  • The Bible In Shakespeare's Macbeth And The Bible

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    Nathan Hugh Cameron Vanessa Dean English 31 January 2017 Macbeth & The Bible It has been said that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth for King James. King James was the man responsible for translating and printing the King James Bible. So after reading through some websites, the story, and some verses in the Bible; there are so many similarities. Shakespeare sets the scene for the murder of Duncan in a Garden-of-Eden like castle and presents us with a man and woman who have been tempted by devils to become

  • Love In The Bible: Love In The Bible

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    Love in the Bible The bible is a story composed of many short stories about human development. In the beginning, the world was empty and filled with darkness. On the first day, God made Day and Night. He also divided the waters and made clouds and sky the second day. The next day, mountains, hills, and valleys were made by him. The things God had created on the 4th day was moon and twinkling stars. While swishy fish, squiggly creatures and birds were made on the 5th day. There were plenty of animals

  • Morality In The Bible

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    Morality is knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. For the Bible morality is essential. It is essential because the church cannot distribute people from personal moral decision or dismiss them from having to deal with their own conscience when it comes to a moral issue. Therefore, morality is important because the people should know the difference between right and wrong for themselves. As mentioned, conscience is an important element in morality. It works with morality and

  • Literacy In The Bible

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    The Bible was written by more than forty different people over a period of 1500-1600 years. It was written in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. The writers were from different walks of life. Some were educated, while others were not. Among the writers you will find shepherds, kings, scribes, fishermen, prophets, missionaries, tax collectors, a doctor, and many other professions. Many of the writers never met each other, yet the words they all wrote came together to form the greatest

  • Esther In The Bible

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    The Bible needs to be read in the same fashion as any other book—beginning to end. When you start anywhere else, you lack the context to understand the coherence of the various historical anecdotes in the Bible as well as the overarching theme of the Bible. Although the Bible has sixty-books written by approximately forty authors in a span of over 2,000 years (Roberts, 2002, p. 14), the Old Testament has remained 95% accurate, and the New Testament has remained 97% accurate (Stokes & Lewis). Subsequently

  • The Bible: The King James Version Of The Bible

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    wrote the King James Version of the Bible in the 1600s. The content of the Bible is life changing because of its inherency and being the infallible word of God, but this translation has been monumental in its pervasive style of writing . The King James Version of the Bible has influenced authors in both content and writing style. The content of many famous and influential books in literature have much of its content from from the King James Version of the Bible. In Herman Melville’s book Moby Dick

  • The Bible: The Gospel Of Sin In The Bible

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    Anyone who does not understand sin and its poisonous fruits will indulge in it in ignorance, but those who know the power of righteousness will understand their inheritance in Christ. The message of salvation is the message of being saved by God from the destructive power of sin, and the release of the blessing of God upon those the Lord has saved. When we declared Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we were saved from the life of sin into the holiness of God. It would be difficult for you to understand

  • Skepticism In The Bible

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    most widely distributed non-fiction book in the world , the Bible still remains as a controversy today. Highly regarded by Christians from all over the place, the Bible, a collection of God’s holy words, covers centuries of history over hundreds of subjects. The Bible is a compile of 66 books which was written over a span of 1600 years by 40 different authors whose occupations varied from fishermen to physicians. People often seek the Bible to learn the truth of God’s words.It has been translated into

  • Bible Translations

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    Other Translations of the Bible Some people think that having several translations of the Bible is a bad thing. They believe that it somehow confuses what the Word of God originally said. That is not true, according to the preservation of the original text. A translation is just taking something written in one language and converting it so that it is understood another language. Regarding the Bible, it is taking the Hebrew and Greek and Greek manuscripts and translating them into the English language

  • Canonization In The Bible

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    Have you ever thought of how we got the Bible that we have and why some churches uses other books in addition to the sixty-six in our bible? Catholic bible includes other books known as Apocrypha, then how do we know if the books in our Bible are the books God wants us to have and that other books that are not inspired by Him. In the early church, many books were moving around the churches and some of these books carried teachings which caused a lot of problems in the church. A lot of controversial

  • Redemption In The Bible

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    people. While, if Christians want to bring God’s word accurately to others, they should apply God’s word in the context of the whole Bible instead of only taking a specific verse out. There are three themes (God’s sovereignty, God’s grace and God’s glory) of the main story of redemption in the Bible, which can help people understand the context of the entire Bible. First, when people understand God’s sovereignty, they could have the peace to trust that God is in control and rest in His sovereignty

  • Sexism In The Bible

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    discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex in relation to the culture. The Bible does not promote sexism at all. God gave men and women divine responsibilities for each other to do becoming one in the flesh through marriage and are equal in the sight of God. However, most men blame women for the fall of humankind and misuse this theology to control and discriminate women. The Bible demonstrates that humanity is mentally and emotionally weak because both Adam and Eve succumbed

  • Macbeth And The Bible Analysis

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    Nathan Hugh Cameron Vanessa Dean English 31 January 2017 Macbeth & The Bible It has been said that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth for King James. King James was the man responsible for translating and printing the King James Bible. So after reading through some websites, the story, and some verses in the Bible; there are so many similarities. Shakespeare sets the scene for the murder of Duncan in a Garden-of-Eden like castle and presents us with a man and woman who have been tempted by devils to become

  • The Bad News In The Bible

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    May I ask you a question? Has anyone ever opened a Bible to show you how to be certain as to whether or not you are going to heaven? The Bible contains both bad news and The Good News. The bad news is about us. The Good News is about God. —- Let’s look first at the bad news… 1. Bad News: We are all sinners… Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” “Sin” is a term that means to miss the mark. When we lie, hate, lust, or gossip. These transgressions fall

  • Lamb In The Hebrew Bible

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    Lambs played a crucial role in the Hebrew Bible, as they were offered and served as sacrifices for sins. Lambs were even used as a symbol for Jesus Christ, who is called “the Lamb of God”. Yet, why is Jesus being the Lamb of God? What is the relationship between Jesus and lambs? In this paper, these questions will be discussed in detail, based on the contents of the Bible. To begin with, the association of Jesus with lambs is shown in the New Testament. First, the title “the Lamb of God” originates

  • Tithing In The Bible Summary

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    Chapter 3 deals with all occurrences of tithes in the Bible. This helps us to establish the fact on how tithing was done, with what substances, and at what intervals; for whom were the tithes meant for and who were supposed to pay tithes. It helps us to know that tithing was actually never done with money and GOD actually warned against the use of money. Chapter 4 merged and grouped all the occurrences of tithe together and some other scripture verses were added where necessary for full story. Additional

  • Human Relationship In The Bible

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    The Bible explicitly affirms that of all that God created, He highly favored humans to be perfectly created in His image and likeness; and having such great intrinsic knowledge, strength, and ability; God blessed and entrusted them to govern and enrich His creations. Distinctively, with God at the very center of the life and existence of His creations, the Bible remarkably picture how they existed together as a holy community to fulfill God’s righteous purposes, in creating the world for His praise