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  • The Bible: Supernatural Attributes Of The Bible

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    First, the Bible is not one book written by one man. The Bible is made up of 66 different books written by 40 different authors over 1500 years. The following supernatural attributes of the Bible are evidence of a supernatural signature: a. Supernaturally fulfilled prophecy—predictions of the future that are precise, detailed and accurate. The Bible is the only volume ever produced by man in which detailed prophecies relating to the rise and fall of individuals and empires are given with hairsplitting

  • The Bible: The Greek Word Of The Bible

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    Right from the beginning this book tells us how the word “Bible” is originated through Latin from the Greek word “biblia” which means books. More specifically these were the books known to be canonical by the early Christian Church. I found this very intriguing because I didn’t realize the Bible really only translated to just a collection of books when you look at the Greek word for it. This book also reveals very early on just how much the word scripture is referenced referring to the Old Testament

  • The Bible In Shakespeare's Macbeth And The Bible

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    Nathan Hugh Cameron Vanessa Dean English 31 January 2017 Macbeth & The Bible It has been said that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth for King James. King James was the man responsible for translating and printing the King James Bible. So after reading through some websites, the story, and some verses in the Bible; there are so many similarities. Shakespeare sets the scene for the murder of Duncan in a Garden-of-Eden like castle and presents us with a man and woman who have been tempted by devils to become

  • The Bible: The King James Version Of The Bible

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    wrote the King James Version of the Bible in the 1600s. The content of the Bible is life changing because of its inherency and being the infallible word of God, but this translation has been monumental in its pervasive style of writing . The King James Version of the Bible has influenced authors in both content and writing style. The content of many famous and influential books in literature have much of its content from from the King James Version of the Bible. In Herman Melville’s book Moby Dick

  • Melchizedek In The Bible

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    This brings me to Melchizedek. Melchizedek is an enigma for most people who read the Bible and yet it is very important we know who and what He is. Melchizedek is a mystery indeed as He is briefly mentioned in the Bible. We initially hear of Melchizedek in the first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis. He is also mentioned in the book of Hebrews and Psalms. Who was He, where did He come from and what was his purpose? In short, Melchizedek was the Old Testament Jesus. You heard correctly, Jesus

  • The Bible Controversy

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    most widely distributed non-fiction book in the world , the Bible still remains as a controversy today. Highly regarded by Christians from all over the place, the Bible, a collection of God’s holy words, covers centuries of history over hundreds of subjects. The Bible is a compile of 66 books which was written over a span of 1600 years by 40 different authors whose occupations varied from fishermen to physicians. People often seek the Bible to learn the truth of God’s words.It has been translated into

  • Bible Translation

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    Other Translations of the Bible Some people think that having several translations of the Bible is a bad thing. They believe that it somehow confuses what the Word of God originally said. That is not true, according to the preservation of the original text. A translation is just taking something written in one language and converting it so that it is understood another language. Regarding the Bible, it is taking the Hebrew and Greek and Greek manuscripts and translating them into the English language

  • Holes In The Bible

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    People say the Bible is the Word of God. This typically means that the authors of the Bible were being inspired by God while they were writing out what today would be called Scripture. Many Christians around the world believe the Bible is inspired by God. I believe this but I also believe many Christians don't fully understand what being inspired by God actually means. Some Christians believe the whole Bible is inspired by God, and some even believe that the Bible was written by God himself. Under

  • The Bible Context

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    Whenever a reader seeks to read the Bible they must understand that the original text was written in another language and other background information known as the context. The context surrounding scriptures contains historical information about the social climate, political landscape, culture, class system, etymology, geography, and other secular information to understand the significance of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; along with the establishment of the 1st century church. If readers

  • Inerrancy In Bible

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    solve the questions of life, Christians should have an infallible trust in the Bible. These sources may lead believers to mistrust the Word or be misguided over real truth. If a person loses his or her trust in the Bible, then he or she could lose his or her trust in God and the Church. With this potential doubt, Christians need to know that their Bible is the eternal and inerrant word of God. To be inerrant, the Bible must be absolute in is historical and scientific accuracy. Biblical Inerrancy The

  • Racism In The Bible

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    Racism is a belief that human races have distinctive characteristics that determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one’s race is superior and has the right to control others. The Bible details the history of human racism when it demonstrated how the son of the heir (Sarah) shall not be heir with my son of a slave (Hagar). (Gen. 21:10) Furthermore, to preserve righteousness, God commanded the Jews, the chosen people of God, to annihilate

  • Understanding The Bible

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    The two main points of view for the study of the Bible in this particular paper will be history and linguistics. The Bible's main intention is to be a source of inspiration for Christian beliefs and rituals. It is hardly ever viewed as a anything more than a treaty of religious doctrine. For the purposes of understanding the theory of dynamic equivalnce, we must also understand the Bible as more than just that. That a text should be sound in terms of grammar is only to examine one facet of it. The

  • Polytheism In The Bible

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    Human nature is an underlying theme of the Bible, as we are shown time and time again when God destroys large groups of people, sometimes even everyone, it is because of our inherently corrupt human nature. While the idea of original sin is a Catholic one, it seems that without Gods laws and influence humans descend into hedonism and chaos, which means that humanity needs his laws to prevent that. God walks a fine line between being the strict lawmaker, but also creating laws that take into consideration

  • Purity In The Bible

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    Israelite worship centered on the Tabernacle, when all of life was given meaning through Torah. Even the mundane was elevated to having purpose before God. Has this distance widened the gulf between what the Bible teaches and our understanding? What does the symbolism of purity in the Bible teach us about God and teach us about ourselves? Most importantly, what does the Messiah teach us regarding purity and how one is to be purified and cleansed? In the beginning, man was created and given the

  • Plague In The Bible

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    or with the sword if they did not respect him or sacrifice to him. Then in Exodus Chapter 9, it mentioned that the Lord would smite the people with pestilence again. They make me think of the great Ancient Roman Plague. I think the stories from the Bible may have influenced the people in this period too. As I know, there

  • Job Bible

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    The Bible has many amazing stories. The book of Job is a great example of an amazing story in the Bible. This story is about a righteous man’s suffering. Hill and Walton states, “The purpose of the book of Job is to explore God’s policies concerning justice, especially as it regards to the suffering of the righteous.” When reading this Bible story, it is very hard not to focus on the main character of the book. The main character who is Job has lost a lot in his life in a small amount of time.

  • Integrity In The Bible

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    The Bible serves as a guide to the lives of all of mankind. The Bible states, “All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in all righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). It is important to know and live out the scriptures. The scriptures shape our character and help us function in a manner that is pleasing to God. When one reads scripture, they will discover many scriptures on character. Character can be defined as a unique makeup of

  • Isolation In The Bible

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    I think the Bible is rather clear on the meaning of most passages and then how they all swirl together to tell of God’s redemptive story of mankind. The Bible could have several levels of meaning, but then comes the difficult task of knowing if the text actually means that or if we are projecting onto it what we want/need. I tend to agree with Klein when he states that, “though in isolation a text may conceivably have a variety of possible meanings, were the author present to adjudicate, the “correct”

  • Sheep In The Bible

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    Sheep were used for a few purposes in the in the Bible, one of them being sacrifices to God. This was a sign to God of apology and love. We also see sheep given as gifts, for instance, in Exodus gives Jacob, his brother, a multitude of sheep to show peace and love towards him and in 1 Kings the Queen of Sheba gave Solomon one hundred sheep as a gift. Sheep were a lot like dogs back then, a large percent of the population had sheep, and because of this, there were a lot of people like Moses and David

  • Bible Sin

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    The Old Testament emphasizes keeping the law to be made right with God. Disobeying God ignites punishment, but God’s grace still prevails. The New Testament of the Christian Bible lays the foundation for a path to redemption through Jesus Christ rather than being bound to the law. The Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible sheds light on God’s wrath when people sin; however, because the Old