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  • The Male Gaze

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    Focusing on how the piece was filmed brings up the issue of the male gaze. Within the article “Oppressive Texts, Resisting Readers and the Gendered Spectator: The New Aesthetics” by Mary Devearaux she argues under the premise that “the male gaze is not always male, but it is always male-dominated” (Devearaux, 339). Meaning that film and other media forms will always be male connoted. “Men do not always do the looking, but they control who does” (Devearaux, 339). This is very powerful statement in

  • Male Gaze History

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    going to research the male gaze throughout art history and how it has been transferred into advertising. Throughout almost all of history, art has been created by men and for men. I want to examine how this affects the portrayal of women and femeninity in art from cultures spanning the globe. The male gaze has also infiltrated the way advertisements are made and I am going to study the correlation between ancient and contemporary examples of this. The advertisement aspect of male gaze can also be tied

  • Male Gaze In Films

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    A. The articles of Laura Mulvey and John Berger illustrate the idea of both male and female gazing. In Laura Mulvey’s theory, it shows how media especially in the film industry depicts the female body as a subject to male gazing. It identifies how men (and even women at times) sees female in their own perspective as something that exposes their masculinisation. As being the subject of male gaze, women are submissive; prone to sexualization, etc. In short, women in media are subjected to visual pleasure

  • Male Dominance In Predator

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    In order to gain a better knowledge of what social life was like in 1987, I watched John Mctiernan’s Predator. This movie displays male dominance in 1987. Predator is almost entirely made up of males, and the only woman who joins the group is referred to as “baggage”. Additionally, one of the soldiers says “put her on a leash” thus stripping her humanity away and making her seem like an animal that can be tied up. Furthermore, another soldier constantly makes demeaning jokes about his girlfriend;

  • Following Male Dominance

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    The Dance: Following His Lead and Male Dominance The “prom” dance—the physical act of dancing—is a microcosm for social dynamics pertaining to gender. In contemporary, our society pivots around men and largely disenfranchises women. Heterosexuality is a tool for maintaining these power disparities. Ingraham (2002) concludes that heterosexuality is “a compulsory, contrived, constructed and taken-for-granted institution which serves the interests of male dominance” (p. 75). Ingraham posits that heterosexuality

  • The Male Gaze Examples

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    The Web Essay on the Male Gaze by the authors Thomas Streeter, Nicole Hintlian, Samantha Chipetz, and Susanna Callender, on the University of Vermont website, discusses the exploitation of the male gaze in advertising, and provides several convincing examples to explain its impact on women. The male gaze has been a long tradition in western art, which presents women as objects to be viewed by male viewers. This tradition continues in modern advertising and the omnipresence of this tradition has made

  • The Male Gaze Theory

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    ‘Thinking Through the Male Gaze’ The aim of this paper is to present a position in relation to the function on the male gaze in performance art. For the purpose of this paper, the male gaze theory will be examined through the work of Yoko Ono’s ‘Cut Piece’ (1964). In order to do this, this paper will first introduce the history of the male gaze theory. This paper will then introduce the work of Yoko Ono and her performance ‘Cut Piece’. Having introduced all the above, this paper will have laid out

  • Examples Of Male Dominance In Medea

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    that challenges male dominance. Unlike many male writers who portray the female characters as subordinate to their husbands, powerless, and need to rely on males, Euripides instead highlights the ambitions and cleverness in the female sex. Throughout the play, Medea is portrayed as a highly clever woman but is also evil, dangerous, savage and powerful. Meanwhile, Jason the male character is portrayed to be an ungrateful man while containing an arrogant and hubris behavior. Male dominance is prevalent

  • Argumentative Essay On Alpha Males

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    mentality shared and spread by “the most elite group of men”. “Alpha Males” have surfaced today now more than we ever have seen before. These men are a subject that can be described in many ways, by many different groups. Many do not truly understand the mind of an alleged “Alpha Male”. To better our comprehension of these men, we must first understand their mindset, their platforms, and how they affect the world around them. “Alpha Male” Mentality is a phenomenon that is not as recent as many of us may

  • Male And Female Observation Report

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    experiment was made on males and females remembering objects scored after observation. The result showed that women participants have a better short term memory than men participants because they are more sensitive than men. However the differences between genders are not so obvious. We can improve this experiment by changing participants and contents. 1.0 Introduction Without the structure differences between men and women, there are always other things between genders that make males and females react

  • American Male Dominance Essay

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    my mother in that sense and wants her to follow the norms that society has assigned for women.He did so alone without having a male figure present, which shows that his desire for dominance was not provoked by the fear of others dominating him or as a sign of weakness. However, one cannot deny that men do show their dominance without others being there, however when a male is present men dominate out of fear and not as a choice. This is seen in the novel, Of Mice and Men, when Curley’s wife says that

  • Male And Female Circumcision Argumentative Essay

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    Male circumcision and female circumcision are two highly debated subjects in today’s world because people, cultures, and societies have various viewpoints on both of them. What could be considered as the ‘norm’ in one culture may not be the case in another. Edward Wallerstein once said, “Circumcision is a unique phenomenon. Its origins in antiquity are obscure, its original objectives unknown, its spread to all continents a source of speculation; yet this operation, this first ritual surgery devised

  • Male Prisons Vs Female Prisons

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    prisons are less violent compared to male prisons. A majority of women that are incarcerated are there because of drug or property offenses. Women usually commit less violent crimes compared to men who are more likely to commit violent crimes. “Because most women serve time for drug offenses rather than violent crimes, they tend to serve shorter prison sentences, (” The female prison population in France and the U.S. is lower then that of the male population. Women who are incarcerated

  • Male Genital Surgery Research Paper

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    Male Genital Surgery (Penis Enlargement, Circumcision, Scrotal Reduction & Testicular Implants) Many cultures around the world associate a man’s penile length with his virility and sexual prowess. With increased exposure to the internet and pornographic content, most men may develop a misconception that genitalia of extreme length and girth is necessary to live a healthy sex life, which isn’t true. Hence, most male patients go for male genital surgery with the aim of enhancing the overall appearance

  • Male Body Image In America Summary

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    Out of all the reading we read, the one that stood out to me was “Male body image in America” by Lynne Luciano. This reading stood out to me the most because in the society we live in this is the type of things people expect from men. Men would get surgeries, stay in the gym and buy many grooming things to keep up with society spectations of them. In the third paragraph (page 30), Lynne mentions about the four imperatives for men today. The four imperative were that “men must be men”, “second, men

  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton's 'The Destructive Male'

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    One of the key elements that makes Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s, “The Destructive Male”, speech so memorable and inspiring, is her use of creative language. This speech glides effortlessly into the deep ravines of our memories as the loaded words such as, “destructive force”, “loving war”, and “discord”, carry heavy connotations. “I urge a sixteenth amendment”, says Stanton. She isn't demanding or violently requesting, she’s urging and pleading which is an important factor to take note of as it is the

  • Male Dominance In Hills Like White Elephants

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    Widely portrayed in literature, male dominance has restricted female freedom and progression, as women have been struggling to establish themselves as equal for ages. Male dominance suppresses ideals within society that respect a woman’s personal decisions and rights to her own body and mind. This struggle can be displayed through various scenarios. Being a major theme throughout “Hills Like White Elephants”, male dominance is an aspect also present in “The Unwanted Child” as they portray the struggle

  • Fahrenheit 451 Male Vs Female Prompt

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    Male vs. Female Prompt   Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 telling the story of Guy Montag’s transformation in an ignorant future. The United States bans books in efforts to appease special interests groups from “offensive” materials in books. Montag is a firemen, however not in the traditional sense; tasked with creating fires to incinerate books. The female characters are inferior to the male population setting a patriarchal society in Fahrenheit 451.   First, Fahrenheit 451 sets up women as undesirable

  • Response To Leonard's Essay 'What Is The Male Gaze?'

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    In her essay "What is the Male Gaze?", Leonard argues that there is a clear bias towards men in media, where women are often depicted as passive objects to be looked at by men. She notes that this bias extends beyond just visual media like film and television but also influences other forms of media such as literature and advertising. Leonard's argument highlights how pervasive this issue is across various forms of media. On the other hand, Kelly Oliver's essay "The male gaze is more relevant and

  • Is A Male Divorce Lawyer Perfect For Men Essay

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    measured method of scenario is|everything is} essential, you may find} careful factors to remember once retentive the divorce professional for guys. Is a Male Divorce lawyer Perfect for Men? Among the issues whether or not|is whether or not} a guy a lot of more} suitable for represent a person in an exceedingly dissolution or custody continuing. If you're male and feel much {more comfortable} speaking with a person, ought to|then you wish to} you should consider this, however it shouldn't be the decisive