Fahrenheit 451 Male Vs Female Prompt

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Male vs. Female Prompt Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 telling the story of Guy Montag’s transformation in an ignorant future. The United States bans books in efforts to appease special interests groups from “offensive” materials in books. Montag is a firemen, however not in the traditional sense; tasked with creating fires to incinerate books. The female characters are inferior to the male population setting a patriarchal society in Fahrenheit 451. First, Fahrenheit 451 sets up women as undesirable objects setting up the patriarchal society. “Funny, how funny, not to remember where or when you met your husband....” (Bradbury Page 50) Women are depicted as emotionally devoid from their lives; this quote emphasizes the shallowness of Mildred’s thoughts towards their relationship. The couple have been in a relationship for ten years and the first meeting is often important in regards to meeting the love of your life. Her inability to remember this shows her lack of attachment despite this being a crucial memory. As a result of this, woman are seen as in-superior to men in a once equal society. …show more content…

Evidence supporting this is their strong roles in society that woman haven’t obtained. Men burn the books, are paramedics, guard society, and even save books holding these important positions gives them the dominant position in society. “He felt his lips move, brushing the mouthpiece of the phone. “Emergency hospital.”” (14) Mildred attempts to commit suicide causing Montag to phone the hospital in hopes of help. This quote’s meaning is much deeper than it originally appears; the men have become the caretakers of the house. A role women originally bestowed, however as they become only interested in aesthetic looks; it has become up to the man to play guardian of the

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