Ray Bradbury Use Of Figurative Language In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury is the author of the book Fahrenheit 451. The book is about a character named montag who is in a society that values books to be illegal and therefore a team of people called firemen go to houses to burn all reported book sightings. Montag eventually realizes that there is an importance in the books and tries to go against the ways in the society. Throughout the book Ray uses style to make the book more enjoyable by using figurative language, complex sentences, and symbolism. Ray also uses scholarly language and different sized paragraphs with different complexities. There is also a slight mood in the story leaning towards the unusualy speech of the side characters. Ray uses symbolism the most as the three names of the chapter symbolize the state of mind of montag or events of the book. Chapter one is the hearth and the salamander which symbolizes montag as he is the creature, the salamander, which is a fire resistant lizard. The sieve and the sand represent Montag’s mind as he attempts to attain knowledge but society is stopping him and his mind is actually at the moment incapable of taking in the knowledge. Burning bright is a symbolism for montag and his mind as he actually starts to become wise and is thinking for himself and getting the questions and answers that he wants. Symbolism was important for this book and was used efficiently because it gives the words in the book a meaning without bluntly giving the titles of the chapter a name that would tell exactly what the book was about. …show more content…

This is good because the difference in the paragraphs allow the books to be interesting because reading the same size paragraphs can be boring. When the paragraphs are different lengths it allows different engagements with the

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