Montag's Conflicts In Fahrenheit 451

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In society, some people have conflicts with things and people around them. In Fahrenheit 451, the main character, Montag, has to burn books for a living. Montag’s life began to change when he has a decision to steal, hide, and read the books, or turn the books in and act like everyone else. Ray Bradbury shows Montag’s conflict with his wife, a friend, and technology in Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury uses Mildred, Montag’s wife, to show how everyone there is like robots. Montag starts arguing with Mildred about how she is acting. She is depressed and does not even know it. Mildred thinks that the voices in the walls are her family. Montag tries to get her to see what is really happening in society. She is so unaware of her actions that Montag has top tell her, “maybe you took two pills and forgot and took to more, and forgot again and took two more, and were so dopey you kept right on until you had thirty or forty of them in you” (Bradbury 17). Montag has to call the operators because she over dosed on the sleeping pills. The next morning she just thought she had a hangover. Montag had to tell her what really happened. Mildred was always with her television that, “no matter when …show more content…

The mechanical hound could remember 10,000 scents. It has to be programed by a person to track something. Montag has trouble trying to figure out if the hound is tracking him. Montag always thought, “The hound, he thought. It’s out there tonight. It’s out there now” (Bradbury 45).Montag was never sure where the hound was, but he always knew when it was near. Montag and the hound never got along, “he saw the sliver needle extend upon the air an inch, pull back, extend, pull back. The growl simmered in the beast and looked at him” (Bradbury 23). The hound is always up tight when Montag is around. The hound is always in Montag’s way, and when Montag tries to do something the hound is not far

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