Fahrenheit 451 Quotes Essay

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In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, Montag, the main character, goes from loving his job to rethinking of his job. Montag came in mind that his job not only hurt him but also hurt society. He began to realize that he no longer enjoyed his job. Montag did not like the fact of knowing that his job was only hurting other people. In the novel, it states, “I was just figuring,” said Montag, “what does a hound think about down there nights?” (#1) This quote makes Montag very mad and upset. The thought of the hound being built to kill people really irritates Montag. In the novel, Montag is a firefighter. As a firefighter, he is expected to put out fires. But in the novel, he is the one who starts the fires. As it states in the novel, “it was a pleasure to burn.” (#1). When it declares this in the novel, Ray Bradbury is talking about Montag and the other firefighters. …show more content…

Starting to think for himself, he admits to Faber, “I just want someone to hear what I have to say” (78). Since he is starting to change, he starts to think like this. “Pity, Montag, pity. Don’t haggle and hag them” (99). This is one of the many ways it shows him starting to change. At the end of the novel, Montag is not in the best place in his life. He was talking to Faber and he said, “this is happening to me” (108). He does not want to move when he sees the hound. “NO! The Hound! Because of the Hound!” (110) cried Montag. Since he does not want to move, he tries to burn the metal hound instead. He says to the other men with him, “Ready…FIRE!” (110). Since the Hound is metal, it does not burn. In conclusion, throughout the entire novel, Montag continuously changes. He goes from loving his job, to rethink his job. In the end, he realizes that his job not only hurts him, but it hurts other people. He refuses to burn houses for the rest of the novel. He finally realizes that it is not good to burn other humans and their houses and

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