Helply Dying In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Helplessly Dying When something is dying that is useless and not important do you help it serve or do you leave it to die? Some people would watch it die because it is point less to save it, but there always is that one person that tries to save it, tries to help it because that person views the importance of it. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 explores the idea that books are dying in a society where every human is happier without them and forgets about them. But then one person comes along and tries to save it and achieve the impossible. This is shown by Bradbury’s characters Captain Beatty, Mildred Montage, and Guy Montag. Captain Beatty is a bit of paradox. He is the head honcho fireman, but yet he knows more about books than anyone else. He is one of the smartest men and he choose to leave the cave. And he reads every book there is to read, but he felt there was no point, no lesions to learn and he did not like books, so he returned back to the cave. Beatty is very complex and hard to find the pulse of. He spent his life reading books and now he spends time quoting them, he even uses a biblical references when he is talking to the lady with the hidden library. "You know the law, said …show more content…

He tries to think understand, but can not. He is so use to his society telling him not to think, not to understand, just be happy. Montag then find out that he is not happy. He is living in a society that is determined to kill all books. Montag hates the way he is living so he decides to leave the cave. When he does leave the cave he does not know how to think, comprehend, or live. He then searches for the help of a former English Professor named Faber. Faber tries to teach Montag how to understand literacy. He tells Montage the three things he thinks are missing from society. “The quality of information... Time to think...The right to act on your own thoughts. (Bradbury 85) Faber says this to try to help Montag comprehend what he is

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