Montag As A Hero In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 Do books really harm the world or does the government dislike the idea of society turning knowledge into power? Montag was a heroic character, he did what he thought was best, despite what the laws said. Montag went against the law and sought knowledge. Despite his flaws, Montag can be considered a heroic figure. Firstly, Montag stole a book to try and discover what he is missing not reading them. Clarisse at random asked Montag if he was happy, and it had never came across to Montag if he was happy. People in their society really didn't feel at all. The old woman that had rather die with her books than give them up, began to make Montag curious on why they were so special. He began to question every aspect in his life, when he does, Mildred tells Montag he should have thought before becoming a fireman. For instance, "Thought! " he said. "Was I given a choice? My grandfather and father were firemen. In my sleep, I ran after them." Captain Beatty visits Montag, Beatty realizes the signs of Montag stealing a book. Beatty gives Montag a lecture on why books are not good for society, but Montag doesn't listen to Beatty. …show more content…

Montag rebels against everything he knows to gain knowledge that he is not able to gain by the law. Montag also has ideas on how to overthrow the firemen. The largest act of Montag being an anti hero is killing his boss to stop the burning of books. He switched the safety catch on the flamethrower. Bradbury states, “.”Beatty glanced instantly at Montag's fingers and his eyes widened the faintest bit.” Montag is extremely curious about books, and the idea of freedom that it drives him crazy. He becomes so crazy that he lies to his wife, and kills his boss. Montag will go to any extent to gain freedom, in the means of breaking laws, and hurting

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