Critical Lens Essay

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Media Studies 120

Mr. C. Ball

Shrek: Critical Lenses & Intertextuality assignments Feminist Ideology

What are the stereotypical roles in the world today for men and women? Do we look back at TV shows and films and receive messages about “how it is supposed to be?” What do we think when we see strong, assertive women? How does society view these women – threatening? overly aggressive? the norm?

Consider sunglasses or ski goggles, for a moment. There are many types of sunglasses that come with interchangeable lenses for a variety of lighting conditions. For bright days there are dark lenses. For overcast days there are amber lenses. For flat light days (dark, foggy, or heavy overcast days) there are yellow lenses. Each lens allows the user …show more content…

Asks readers to consider male dominant societal structure when interpreting a text.

The following assignment is an abbreviated version of a much larger project. Please respond to the questions in the form of a response paper. Please divide your paper into three sections, and answer all parts. I am including an estimated length to each part. This is an estimate based on 1.5 spacing, 12pt font). MLA format, excluding works cited, is mandatory.

SHREK ASSIGNMENT: Part One-Feminist Lens

Discuss the role of women in the movie. In doing so, examine the feminist lens’s interpretation of the text. How are gender roles defined? Where to women fit into the text’s plot line. What do you notice about the women in this text? Is this congruent (similar) to society’s view of women, by today’s standards? Is this a fair picture of how women are or should be? How does it differ from “normalized” views of women? Does it differ from other Disney interpretations of women? (1 – 1.5 pages minimum; value 20)

Intertextuality is the way in which texts refer to other media texts that producers assume audiences will recognize.


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