Essay On Gender Discrimination In Sports

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“You hit like a girl”. This statement connotates women being the weaker sex which summarizes what gender discrimination in sports is. Dictionary-wise, it is the discrimination of one’s athletic abilities based on their gender. It is seen in every sport at any country around the world. Both men and women are victims of this but research proves that when are those who are mostly affected. Women receive less recognition than men and are classified as weak. Women too are called “tomboy” for joining a stereotypical male’s sport or for joining any sport in general. With that said, it also prevents people from discovering their true passion for the fear of society’s perception. Since gender discrimination in sports foes not give men and women equal rights and opportunities, promoting sports without gender divisions will lessen this. Gender discrimination in sports is the discrimination which is based on one’s ability i athletics on their gender. Men are taught to participate in …show more content…

Women’s competitions receive less recognition. The coverage of men’s sports on television,radio, or newspaper is much greater than women’s. In Australia, statistics were taken of the coverage of women, men, and mixed gendered sports to see which was covered more. Men’s sports were covered at over seventy percent in newspapers,radio and television. While women’s statistics showed less than eleven percent. Mixed gender sports are covered more than women’s. Since women are seen as the weaker sex they are not given the recognition they rightfully deserve. Many may think that women are of the weaker sex since this has been instilled in people’s minds for decades. However, both must receive equal opportunities in all aspects of life. The mere fact that there are numerous sources for this,shows that it is an issue that needs a new solution which can be started through simple

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