Essay On Discrimination In Sports

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“Female discrimination in sports is a common occurrence all around the world, women are seen as less than males.” (Ladrea) Equality in sports is unequal. In the 1800 women got very little attention and did not get the opportunity to play in any sport in America and all around the world. Men could go and try out for different sports teams and workout but for women they were only allowed to stay home to cook and clean. There were some events women could participate in but it could not be competitive, it was focused on getting active and staying active. With the different sex comes different levels, like males skill level is a lot higher than womens skill level, and males get the bigger audience than females do and men are all over the television …show more content…

There's still discrimination because men love to show off how big they are or how much they can lift, making women feel like they are not good enough to be on the team. Even though women's sports have grown over the past decades, women’s sporting events have not grown more popular, media coverage of female athletes is not up to date. Three decades later they finally realize that women sporting channels are harder to find, and the presens on female athletes on tv are low, lower than they were back in the day. LA local networks affiliates dedicated about five percent of their coverage to women's sports in 1989, in 2014 the percentage had dropped 3.2 percent and because they took more time to focus on the women sports it was better then than it is now. Even though the participation of girl sports has increased, the commercials and highlight shows have made the girls look weak and the people interested in wanting to come and watch them play. When the media did show the female athletes they always showed the negative plays in the clips of commercials making the girls look bad and weak. “Womens sports continues to be covered in ways that convey the message to audiences that women's sports

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