Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity In Sports

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What is cultural identity? I haven't heard about this concept till my tenth grade English Language Arts class. I thought about this question throughout the months. Then I asked myself what represents my cultural identity? It took awhile for me to figure it out, but it came to me, SPORTS! Sports is everything to me, it gets me through life, teaches me lessons, and makes me who I am. My first sport that I ever played was baseball. Whenever me and my family went to the park it was to do drills and play baseball. Being the youngest and believe it or not the shortest it seemed that's all we did. Later on I gave up baseball because of a loud mouth, enraged coach, who only wanted to win and enjoyed yelling at little kids for the smallest mistakes. In the end baseball taught me that if you aren't enjoying what …show more content…

To me, running is the greatest feeling I could ever feel. In my elementary days I knew I was the fastest kid on the playground. So naturally when I got to high school track was a must for me. My first track meet I was so nervous it felt like my heart was in my stomach. Then as I set myself up in my blocks, close my eyes, and wait for the gun to go off it was like everything went quiet. Of course, as you'd expect I got fourth place in that race. Bummed from the results I learned to keep my head high and keep working I mean I was just a freshman. In the end track taught me that there's always someone better, or faster you just gotta work harder than them. My final sport that I have a passion for is rugby. At first I was scared to play because I thought it was all about brute force. Almost like survival of the fittest. Then as I got into it, it turned out to be more about survival of the wisest. Instead of taking on these big guys we were fast enough to outrun them and tire them out. The lesson rugby, taught was that there is always another solution to a problem. You never have to take the obvious route because everyone sees it that

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