Personal Narrative: Rugby

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I 'm the youngest in a relatively large family, 2 brothers and one sister. Being the youngest I always went to go see my brothers and sister play sports and what not. I remember going to the Newtown High School 's blue and gold stadium to watch Justin, my brother, play lacrosse and hearing my dad or mom say one day you 'll be doing that too or something along those lines. Frankly being the youngest kid stinks sometimes. Sure, parents are generally more relaxed by the point they have their last kid, but there 's all these expectations based off of what your siblings have done. Sure, I tried lacrosse, I played it for one year and it wasn 't bad. The only problem I had with it was that people would always talk to me like the reason I was …show more content…

At that moment I could not even believe that I had actually convinced myself to try something I knew utterly nothing about. Looking back on this I have to say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Rugby might not be a typical sport, but since the first practice i 've been hooked. I even loved the practices. Even the parts that most people think would be terrible. Like when we would do ab exercises on the floor and then have to get up and sprint and the wood floor would be slick from the sweat and a couple kids would slip on their own sweat or how the gym would get so hot, so we would all cluster by the doors that led to the outside and stand there trying to bask in the brisk February air. Our captain Ryan would even take snow and stuff it in the collar of his jersey. I didn 't even mind the 45 minute one way rides to practice. Typing that reminds me, I have to go thank my mom or doing that. I guess what i 'm really trying to get at is I found something I really enjoy and it 's not something I was expected to do. Just because somebody you know enjoys something that does not at all mean you will too, and if I could, I never would have tried all these things, like lacrosse, that people expected from me. Instead I would have done what I did with rugby, I 'd hear something that sounded like fun and instantly look it up where I have to go to do it. I found my thing and I can happily say it

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