Why Do I Love To Play Lacrosse Essay

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What I already know: Lacrosse has been around for decades, played by those who look for a real sport. It’s been said to be the fastest game on two feet, which is no understatement. It requires strength, endurance, and heart to be able to play the game of lacrosse. All these reasons are why I love to play lacrosse and why it has been my favorite sport for years. I can remember when I first started back in second grade, I didn’t think about why I was playing, it was just another sport to me. But as I continued with the sport, I soon realize I was playing for my town and for the people watching me. It didn’t take long for lacrosse to become my favorite sport and my main passion. Since I loved playing it so much, I was curious to learn about the history of lacrosse and how it all started. I wanted to know what the original rules were and how they change over time, what they played with, and most of all what they played for, so I did some research.

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I searched the history of lacrosse and found hundreds of sources. I read several articles that all contained new information about the game of lacrosse that I hadn’t known. They taught me how they played, what they used, where they played, and many other facts about the early version of the sport. After reading through the various articles I decided to get a closer look at the equipment they used, so I went over to the middle school where I knew they had some. Once I got there I went right to where I knew the original wooden sticks were. I saw the kind of wood the shafts were made of and the old style strings and string jobs on the ancient head. Getting a closer look at the original equipment gave me a better understanding of how they were used and how they differ from today. After learning about and seeing the different things they used I can easily say that I’d much rather play in today’s game than when in its original

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