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Did you know that Lacrosse is one of the fastest known games to be played on your feet? Lacrosse is a fun game to play whether you're on the school's team or if you just want to play a game with your friends.

The original game of Lacrosse originated from the American Indians. It started during the European contact, this was around 1492. The rules were simple, that the ball may not be touched by hand while throwing and catching the ball with netted rackets, trying to make it in the net for a goal. These rules were created by the tribes Seneca and Mohawks in the year of 1763. Back then they sometimes would use Lacrosse to toughen up young boys who were going to go fight for their country.

In Lacrosse, there are only four positions to fill, …show more content…

Nobody to body contact, this includes when directly hitting to the head or neck. When using the sticks two hands must remain on the stick at all times. You may also not cover the ball with your stick. Those are seven basic rules when playing Lacrosse,but not all apply to every Lacrosse game and it depends on your age and gender.

Jimmy Lewis, one of the top legends of Lacrosse. Jimmy was born in 1937 in his lifetime he was ranked fifth of all time. He scored over 170 points in all of his games, he played for the Navy. He died in 2004 at the age of 66. Another all time player is Gary Gait, he made 190 goals in his career of Lacrosse he now is a coach of the Syracuse University. He is now 48 and is still coaching and doing what he loves.

Lacrosse is a wonderful sport to play, lots of fun doing it and lots of fun being a fan too. From the mid-1490s, of just a stick and a net attached to the end and some trees as goals to today's version of playing Lacrosse, it’s all the same sport. Whether it's being a Goalie, Attacker, Midfielder, or a Defender they all help the whole team and play as one team. It doesn't matter if you're young or old or the best player in the world to being a beginner they all to do it no matter if it is for fun or it's your

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