Essay About Being A Lacrosse Player

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6 Things About Being a Lacrosse Player

1.It’s a Dangerous Sport You run around with giant metal 6 foot sticks whacking each other, this is just one of the many dangerous things in lacrosse. Because of this, injuries that happen most often in lacrosse are broken bones and concussions. Lastly you will most likely never leave a game without at least one bruise. But the risk is worth taking because lacrosse is a very fun sport.

2.Costs a Lot of Money Lacrosse costs a lot of money. To play in the game it costs $100! It ends up being worth it because the game is a lot of fun, just be prepared to pay for it. If you thought that costs a lot it’s nothing to compared to how much it costs for the equipment. All of the required equipment costs $400! But without this equipment you would be very unsafe so it is also worth it.

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4.End up Sacrificing a Lot If you plan on playing lacrosse you have to be ready to sacrifice a lot of freedom. For example you will basically be spending all of Saturday or Sunday playing in lacrosse games. Also you use up almost all of your week playing lacrosse which starts right after the school day ends.

5.Lacrosse Keeps You Healthy Playing lacrosse helps you get your heart stronger. It gets your heart healthier because running makes your heart beat faster. Lacrosse also makes your lungs expand, which is healthy for you. You expand your lungs whenever you are running. Lastly you do a lot of stretching. Stretching is healthy because it helps stop you from pulling a muscle.

6.You get to Be Part of a Team This is my most favorite part of being a lacrosse player, being part of a team. Being part of a lacrosse team feels amazing! It’s almost as if they are just another family. Another great thing about being part of a team is that you pick each other up. For example if somebody is feeling down it is your team 's responsibility to lift you up. There is no greater feeling than being a lacrosse

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