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Being involved in sports teaches vital life lessons that will promote you to overcome challenges you endure in everyday life. The passion and leadership required in the sport of softball reflect the qualities to be successful in my education. My life-long experiences in softball have helped me develop into the person I am today in pursuing my academic career. Through my background of being highly committed to the game, taking on leadership roles and balancing academics with athletics it has prepared me for college. Softball is very meaningful to me and is one of my main commitments. Throughout the years of playing softball, my commitment grew not only on the field with my teammates, but also independently to make me become a better player …show more content…

I identify the role of leadership as someone who takes charge and leads by example. Being a leader is someone a person can look up to like a role model. I have demonstrated leadership by how my actions on the field are far greater than my words. By having years of experience I have learned the way to lead is putting in the extra effort, and my accomplishments demonstrate that. In addition to being a player on the field, I took on the important role and responsibility of being an umpire. In order to be an umpire one has to be vocal, make decisions, and stand up for themselves. Because I demonstrate these attributes, I was selected by the league to represent the Fife district in umpiring for the post season games. Sports and school work reflect on each other, they have some of the same key components. While playing softball, I’ve learned to be committed, focused, and to manage my time well in order to become a successful player and not let my team down. As a student those same characteristics apply to my academics to help me get an education. Self-discipline is one main component I feel is demonstrated through sports and school. I have trained myself to not get overconfident or too low on myself when I make a mistake. When working on homework, I manage my time to complete my work before taking any personal

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