Persuasive Essay On Softball

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I like to spend my time outdoors, playing softball; it’s very important to be outside because you can enjoy the nature’s God has given us. Being outside is very soothing; it helps to focus on the important things in life. Nature is like a second home to humans. We can survive on our own in nature because we can live on the resources that are provided by nature. National or local parks are great places to play. You can do just about anything at the park including softball. Playing softball is an amazing way to get in shape and have fun all at the same time. Softball is a great sport to keep you active, and healthy. It can be complicated sometimes, but that’s a great way to get your head in the game. Softball takes skills that you wouldn’t …show more content…

You can play softball just about anywhere. If someone is at a cookout and very bored, then you could get a glove and a ball and pass. Throwing the ball is one of the most important motions you do in softball, so it’s good to practice every chance you get. Softball can help you get stronger and it can build up endurance by running. It’s a sport with a great history, so your parents and grandparents and so on, could have played softball or baseball. There isn’t a huge difference between softball and baseball other than a couple rules and the gender playing the sport. People who don’t go outside as much most likely suffer from illness. Some people can’t go outside because they have certain illnesses that won’t let them. Some people just chose not to go outside and that isn’t very healthy. Kids these days usually have an excuse such as playing video games or saying they have nothing to do outside. These are very bad habits that could lead to mental unhealthiness. Going outside in general is very important for your health. Spending at least fifteen minutes a day in nature can boost focus and ease anxiety. It can also relieve stress and restore mental energy. Believe it or not, going outdoors can improve your vision. Not saying that it will completely heal your eyes, but it can help them. As long as you don’ t look directly in the sun, It should be good for you. Basically being outside can help your brain, it’s a lot better than staying

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