Softball Persuasive Speech

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“Play for the name on the front of jersey, not the back.” A popular quote for sports players. What does it mean? Anyone who’s seen any sports game with a team uniform would know that the team name is located on the top of the front side of the jersey and the player’s last name goes on the top of the backside of the jersey. So, the quote means play for your team and not for yourself. This kind of philosophy is something that you can get only from sports, but I’m only interested in playing one sport. Or should I say, lucky for my dear parents, I only want to play one sport. How could you possibly pick just one, out of all the variety? It was a challenge, but I managed to pick softball. Sports are all good for your mind, especially ones that involve lots of running. Softball doesn’t involve as much running as say football or soccer, but it does involve sprinting from base to base and when in outfield. Running in any form is good for you, so that’s a pro for me playing. Sports have both mental and physical benefits for the person playing. The …show more content…

Luckily, I’ve already thought of that. While there will be parts of the game that aren’t enjoyable for example, mud, temperature, and running there will also be some motivation for myself out on the field. That motivation is Reganne Haley. She has already promised that she will train with me before the season starts and that she will try her hardest to make sure that I don’t quit. We’ll most likely be on the same team, even though Reganne has played for a year or two when she was very young. Speaking of training, Reganne and myself will start running after Christmas and lifting weights. Another major reason why I want to do this is so that I’m in better shape as well as stronger for dance. This means that I would be more capable of doing fifty pushups and lifts during

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