What Does Softball Mean To Me Essay

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When I was younger, I always wanted to be someone famous like a singer, an actress, or even an astronaut. But one day I came across a sport, but this was not just any boring sport to me, it was a sport that I knew I wanted to do for a career or even until I grew old. It might just be a ball and bat to some people but to me it felt more than a sport. It felt like an endless vacation from everything going bad in my life. That sport is softball. But I knew something that felt so wonderful has to have some challenges.
One early bright morning, my annoying little brothers wake me up by running into my room like they just won the lottery. As usual, me being a teenage girl, I yelled back saying “GET OUT!”. They of course didn’t listen and said “Mom needs to talk to you.” So I eventually get myself together and dragged myself through the hall following the scent bacon which lead me to the kitchen. As soon as I walk into the kitchen my mom asked “Guess what?” I responded with a “I don't know.” She then said “You have a softball tournament in Arizona!” I was of course thrilled, but then I remembered that my dad will never allow me to got to Arizona, especially for of a …show more content…

I flew out of bed and put on my uniform. We were at the field around 8 a.m. the reason why we had to be there so early was because I had 3 games! We won both the first and second game. I didn’t get out once. It was time for the third game. I was pretty scared because they were pretty big and scary. They also had a winning streak. The 1 to 3 innings were pretty intense. But when it came to the 4th inning and that’s where things got very intense. The score was 8-9 we were losing by 1. And I was up to bat. Two outs, one person on base, and the last inning. I stepped into the batter's box, she winned up for her pitch and throw ball. I step out of the batter's box and look over to my 3rd base line coach. As I did so, out the corner of my eye I saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was my….

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