Personal Narrative-2014 Baseball State Tournament

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Today is the second game of the, 2014 baseball state tournament, held in Wahpeton ND. My team and I are so pumped! We get to play our rivals, Fargo. We only hate them, because we play them so much. We drove down to Wahpeton in groups within our team. It only took about a 45 minute drive. Once we got to the field, I opened up the car door, and took a huge deep breath saying to myself, what another great day. I got out of the car and could start to smell hot dogs and humidity. We got into our dugout and started to get ready by putting our cleats and stuff on. On our way out to the outfield I said to my coach, “who’s pitching today?” He said, “Carter”. So I went out and told Carter he was pitching so we warmed up together. We played some catch and did some stretches. Carter said to me on the way back into the dugout, “I’m as nervous as a fireman on his first call.” I said, “Don’t be. We are going to win, then advance, and the win state.” The game finally started. We were the home team, so we started in the field first. Their first guy came up to the plate and you could see the nervousness in Carters eyes. I put down the sign and he threw a strike. The guy swung and missed. …show more content…

A couple of our guys got on, but then I was up to bat. I was so excited. I got up there and decided that I was going to take the first pitch (not swing at it) to get my timing to make sure I get a hit. Ball one, I step out of the box taking another practice cut. I got back in the box and waited for the next one. The umpire calls, “Strike one!” I thought it wasn’t a strike, but I went with it because I didn’t want to get into a fight. I step out of the box, fix my batting gloves and take another swing the get back in. The next pitch comes and you could hear a “DING”. I swung and hit it down the right field line. I ran as hard as I could and got a double. The next batter struck out and ended the

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