Personal Narrative: Baseball In The Dominican Republic

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The count was 2-1, I was up to bat. The score was 5 to 4, in the bottom of the 9th inning. The pitcher lifts up one leg and twirls his body, releasing the baseball. I ponder my next move, as I see the ball accelerated towards me. I get in position, swing, and let it rip. “Clank!” the baseball slices through the air, going over the wall. “HOME RUN!” My teammates shout. Where I grew up, nothing was better than hearing the impact of a baseball.
In the Dominican Republic, baseball is huge, and I have been playing the sport since I've been born. My position was left field, and I was a big hitter. I have always known I was good at baseball, and hoped someday I could take my talents and play for the Dominican Republic national team. Money was tight

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