Explain Why Baseball Is The Toughest Sport Essay

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Carter Goldston
Mr. Bergmann
Sophomore english P8
10 October 2016

Baseball is the toughest sport
Baseball, America’s favorite past time! Baseball has been around forever and some people do not understand how tough the sport is. First I will explain how hitting a baseball is the toughest thing to do in sports. Then I will explain how tough it is to play in the field. Then I will explain how tough it is to be drafted and after that even play. Although some people think baseball is easy. Baseball is the toughest sport.
A lot of people watching from the stands or Television see hitting a baseball to be really easy, but it gets much more tough when you step into the box. If you get a hit three times out of ten when you are up there, you will be one of the most successful hitters in the game. Sports Science did an experiment to see if you blink will you
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Only five percent of high school players will advance on to play college baseball. Those who make it through college baseball have a ten percent chance of being drafted or signed as a free agent for a Major League Baseball team. Once you are in the Minors you have about a ten percent chance of making it to the Majors. Not only players from America make it to the Mlb. There are many players from South America and you are all fighting for the same spot against people from all over the world.
Hitting a baseball is the toughest thing to do in sports. Playing in the field is extremely difficult. It is tough to get drafted or even play. Baseball is the most difficult sport. “It is a round ball and a round bat and you have to hit it square.” -Pete
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