Why Is Baseball The Hardest Sport

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Baseball Is The Hardest Sport No other sport rivals the difficulty of America’s Pastime. The game of baseball spurred in the eighteenth century but didn't come to life until the mid nineteenth century. Ever since eighteen forty-five, the year of the first baseball game in history, baseball has grown into an enormous sport expanding its reach around the world bringing millions of people closer together. Over the past one hundred and seventy-three years baseball has proven itself as the hardest sport across the globe due to hitting a baseball, fielding the ball, playing the game inside the game, and succeeding in baseball. To win in baseball you must outscore the other team, but unlike in other sports both teams don’t go up and down the playing field. Instead, one player on the team that is hitting must get on base either by a base hit or a …show more content…

In order for a player to earn a base hit he must hit the ball in such a way where he cannot be thrown out by a fielder or a way where no fielder can catch it. Many physicists consider hitting a baseball traveling ninety-two miles per hour near impossible, which is why not many people can hit at professional or collegiate levels in the sport of baseball. Hitting is the hardest athletic feat in all of sports, for the highest batting average in the 2017 season was .346, which equates to a 34.6 percent success rate by that particular hitter. In any other sport a less than 50 percent success rate denotes to a failing rate. Even the player with the highest batting average in the modern era only hit .409. Moreover, in other sports keystone positions, like quarterback or point guard, can push some responsibility onto other players. For example, a quarterback could make a god awful throw, but the receiver dives and makes an

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