Jackie Robinson's Influence On American Culture

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Baseball is one of the most well-known sports to the American people and has a major impact on our culture. Baseball brings friends and family together for great times, and competitiveness. Who would have thought that one man made baseball what is today, and that man is Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the major leagues and at the time, it shocked America because there were still some segregation issues going on at the time. Jackie Robinson had one goal, and that was to show America that African Americans can play the game of baseball just as good and that they should not be judged by the color of their skin. He stood up for what he believed in even though he knew the risk and the problems that may …show more content…

He was the youngest of five children that his mother, Mallie Robinson and father Jerry Robinson. Just before Jackie turned one, his father had left the family leaving only Mallie Robinson to take care of the five children. They eventually moved to the city of Pasadena in California where they would spend some of their life’s. Because of the segregation going on in America, African Americans were not given the same opportunities that whites received so Jackie’s mother was forced to work many small jobs to support their family. In 1935, Jackie was attending John Muir High school. This was the time where his athletic ability would play a key role in his life. As Jackie Robinson grew older, his athletic ability was beyond compare. He had a natural talent with any sport. Some of the sports he achieved in included Baseball, basketball, tennis, and football. He had played at the varsity level and lettered in all four of these sports. He played shortstop most of the time in baseball, quarterback in football, and was a shooting guard in basketball. Even with all his success and great skills, there was always someone judging him by the color of his skin, trying to mess with him, or get in the way of his dreams, but Jackie was a fighter and he did his best to stand strong and not let these people effect

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