Jackie Robinson: Overcoming Obstacles

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An icon is a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. This man was not only an Icon in baseball, but a civil rights leader, a father of three, and a role model for all young adults. Jackie Robinson was a small town boy who had big-time dreams. He was from a small city in Georgia and always had outstanding athletic abilities. Not only was Jackie a baseball player, but he also played a major role in breaking the color barrier. Jackie Robinson has lived a successful life due to his determination to break color barriers, his determination to prove people wrong, and his outstanding athletic abilities. Robinson had many struggles growing up, including his life after he was married. His life started on January …show more content…

Robinson retired in 1957 due to him pushing his body to his limit. When Robinson retired he became a successful businessman, and he started to support the civil rights movements to help improve relationships between races. Robinson wanted a better life for blacks everywhere, “As his fame grew, Robinson became more fervent in his protests against racist attitudes, and he offered more support for civil rights causes”("Jackie Robinson." DISCovering Multicultural America: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Gale, 2003). Robinson then became a chairman for the YMCA, which didn't last very long, and then became the manager of a construction company that built homes for black families and created many other things that sparked participation of African Americans in business and other such duties. After a long and accomplished life, Jackie Robinson passed away in 1942 a little over a week after his toss at the world series. Robinson collapsed in his home and died later that day, at Robinson's funeral there were over 2,500 people from everywhere around the country who honored and looked up to Robinson.Robinson had a remarkable life that impacted all the people around him. Jackie Robinson is most known for his outstanding achievements in baseball, but what most people don't know is his achievements in all other aspects of life. Jackie was harassed, picked on, and beaten up for playing the game he loved; Robinson did what he did because he believed that life was bigger than the color of your skin or the number on your back. As an exceptional athlete and an honorable man Jackie Robinson changed the way not only sports are seen in the world but how life is seen in the

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