How Did Jackie Robinson Contribute To Civil Rights

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Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. Jackie died on October 24, 1972. He died just months after the Dodgers retired his number 42. The cause of his death was heart failure and diabetes. He would be 99 today. Jackie Robinson was an upstander because he was the first African American to play baseball in the 19 century. He stuck with the sport through some rough times. Jackie wanted to stand up for others because he did not think segregation was fair. When the Dodgers owner offered him money to play baseball; a sport he loved and was good at he took the opportunity. He wanted to show the baseball and athletics world that African Americans can play sports just as good as the White people.His grandmother was a slave when she was young. He felt it was needed to have a black athlete who could stand up for others and be a positive role …show more content…

While he played and after he retired he did not want his kids involved with racism.
Jackie Robinson wanted to get others out of poverty and wanted everyone to be equal. He knew what it was like being segregated and in poverty. Jackie Robinson grew up in a white neighborhood in a run down house. He would often get made fun of because he was one of the only African American kids on the street. He did not want any kids growing up in that kind of environment. Jackie Robinson was a great leader and upstander because of his courageous acts by being the first African American baseball player in the 19 century and because he stood up for the black community that was being segregated.
By being one of the first African Americans to play the game of baseball, helping kids in school with a restaurant chain or participating in the civil rights movement Jackie Robinson touched hearts around the world by showing people that anything is possible when you put your mind to

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