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    crowd roars, but not for him. Born January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia, Jackie Robinson came to be one major civil rights activist in MLB Baseball. He was the youngest of five that lived with their mother, Mallie Robinson, in poverty. Throughout his childhood he was very competent in athletics playing four sports. He then got accepted to UCLA where he became the first to win varsity letters in four sports. Sadly though, Jackie was forced to leave because of money. He then decided to enlist in the

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    JACKIE ROBINSON 2 Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Baseball Racial Barrier Baseball has been called “America's Pastime” for years because people have played baseball for years and it is one of the first things fathers teach their sons. Family’s go to ballparks all over the nation to watch baseball at all levels of play from T-ball through the Major League of Baseball (MLB). Throughout the years there have been many great, loved, and cherished baseball players including Babe Ruth

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    ¨A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives,¨-- Jackie Robinson. (brainyquote.com). Jack (Jackie) Roosevelt Robinson is the person of the twentieth century as he is a legend beyond baseball. By playing baseball for so many years, he was able to prove that he was a remarkable baseball player. Robinson was also able to win numerous awards for all of his accomplishments. With all of the racial tension going on at the time, he was constantly fighting for the rights of colored

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    Frontiers in History: Jackie Robinson Introduction If we go back in time, we know that for many years we had been impacted with many unfair rights. One of the biggest problems that interfered with our rights was the color barrier. This barrier stole many people's lives as it impacted them in many ways and stopped them from doing what they love. A major impact that helped this color barrier was the impact Jackie Robinson had in Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson pushed frontier boundaries

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    Jackie Robinson is one of the most important people in the sports world that we have had the pleasure of seeing in the last century. He put his life on the line to do what he loved. No matter the color of his skin he wanted equality for all no matter the color of your skin.The commitment that Jackie Robinson gave to be the first African American in the Major League paved the way for other people just like him to be just as successful as him. Jackie Robinson was an amazing athletic back in the 1940’s

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    Jackie Robinson pushes his way to Freedom. Jackie Robinson was a well-known baseball player that changed the world and the foundation of baseball in April of 1947. He became the first African American to play for the national baseball team and changed the respect of African Americans. He had many accomplishments during his life and faced many challenges throughout. Jackie Robinson is one of the best-known people for changing the world for the better. Jackie Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in

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    Jackie Robinson was a world renown baseball player. Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia. He was the first black athlete to play major league baseball. Robinson was also known as a civil rights activist during his time. He helped the Dodgers win the championship in world series in 1955. Jackie Robinson dealt with many obstacles before he became the great athlete he was known to be today from racial abuses and financial hardships to starting the civil rights movement. Through

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    back in 1919 he hit 137 home runs, had 734 runners batted in, and 197 stolen bases. ("Jackie Robinson Career Home Runs") The color of your skin should have nothing to do with how you play; your race is nothing, but a color and he surely proves that. Jack Roosevelt Robinson, aka Jackie Robinson, a worldwide known baseball player, is known for changing baseball. His accomplishment changed baseball. Jackie Robinson influenced this generation and other generations by being a family oriented guy, never

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    Jackie Robinson - the first black Major League Baseball player. Arguably one of the best players ever in the sport. Although he is mainly know for his baseball career, he was also a civil rights advocate. Robinson wrote to the president, declined baseball offers, and joined Dr. Martin Luther King. He stood up for equal opportunities in and out of sports. Jackie Robinson was a advocate for civil rights. Jackie Robinson was stubborn in the right way. When Robinson retired, he was asked to return

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    Jackie Robinson is known as the man who broke the “Color Bar”. The Color Bar was a rule that said no African Americans could play in the MLB. Robinson was the first black man to join the MLB. He received a lot of hate, but he turned it into pride. He is such a legend to baseball, that his number, 42, got permanently retired. Jackie’s number 42 was the first number to be retired across the whole sport. They retired it on the 50th anniversary of him joining the MLB. They retired it on the

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    until 1962. That player was Jackie Robinson. Robinson was an outstanding athlete of his time. Robinson broke the color barrier, overcame racial prejudice, and accomplished things throughout his whole life. Jackie Robinson was a famous baseball player. He accomplished many important world changing things while on and off the field. Robinson played for the Dodgers baseball team in a time of injustice. There was an extreme amount of racial prejudice going on while Robinson was on the Dodgers. Despite

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    write about is Jackie Robinson. Not only was Jackie Robinson an important person in California, but he also played an important role in shaping our United States. He broke the color barrier in baseball and became a civil rights leader. He had helped pave the way for people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Growing up; Robinson attended John Muir High School and Pasadena Junior College. As mentioned on page 346 by Rolle and Verge in California: A History; 7th edition, “Jackie Robinson began his baseball

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    that he had to jump over, through his childhood times, his come up to being a MLB player, and lastly his time of becoming a hall of famer. I. With Jackie being persistent which his choice of a sport only known as a white sport overall, trying to make his way to the MLB created a huge stir in the game of baseball. a. In this biography it states that Jackie said that “You might say that I turned professional at an early age,” b. He wasn’t actually paid good money when he was younger he was paid in having

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    When you consider the name Jackie Robinson, numerous individuals consider a baseball player, however what they didn't know was that he was a pioneer. All through Jackie Robinson's life, he needed to experience numerous impediments, for the most part isolation, and he set the case that color or race did not make a difference and that you can be what you need, and accomplish what you need regardless of the color. In spite of the impediments and difficulties that Jackie needed to experience amid his

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    Jackie Robinson, The Dark Destroyer, The Colored Comet, Jackie the Robber. He was the first African American baseball player to play in the M.L.B. I chose to do my report on Jackie Robinson because I thought that he was very interesting and different. He was a baseball legend in my book. I have heard his name a bunch of times, but I did not know anything about him. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, in Rural Georgia. His father left him and his mother when Jackie was only six months. He

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    barriers that he had to jump over, through his childhood times, his come up being a MLB player, and finally his time of becoming a hall of famer. With Jackie being persistent with his choice of sport, only known as a white sport overall, trying to make his way to the MLB created a huge stir in the game of baseball. This biography “Jackie Robinson: A Biography” by Mary Kay Linge is my best source because it gives insight about Jackie’s path through adolescence, gives issues and struggles he went through

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    Jackie Robinson is known for his will and determination, in a game where African Americans were not allowed to play. Major league baseball (MLB), was the biggest professional baseball league in the country but was racially segregated. Growing up in poverty, Jackie Robinson faced many struggles. Jackie was a great athlete that could play multiple sports, just not major league baseball. He competed and excelled at numerous sports, including basketball and football. As good as an athlete he was, Jackie

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    A Homerun into History “Throughout his decade-long career, Robinson distinguished himself as one of the game's most talented and exciting players, recording an impressive .311 career batting average. He was also a vocal civil rights activist.” (Biography.com). Jackie Robinson was the first African American Baseball player allowed to Play in the MLB. He was born in Georgia but moved to California at a young age with his mother. He went to The University of California Los Angeles and was a 4-sport

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    I chose Jack Robinson because he was a great role model and he influenced the lives of many people. The Segregation of blacks and whites was going on during the time Jackie was in Major League Baseball (MLB). Many people did not want Jackie to play professional baseball because of his black skin color. Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. At the age of one, Jackie’s family moved to Pasadena, California. Jackie attended John Muir High School in Pasadena. At John

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    Jackie Robinson was born Cairo, Georgia January 31, 1919. Robinson is the youngest of five children raised by a single mother. Jackie Robinson was married to Rachel Robinson and had three children together. Robinson was an outstanding athlete who played four sports: football, basketball, track, and baseball when he showed up at John Muir High School and Pasadena Junior College. In 1938 he was named the region’s Most Valuable Player. Robinson became the first black player who played in the major leagues