Jackie Robinson Character Traits

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Jackie Robinson
The First African-American Baseball Player

First black baseball player, selfless, and courage are three attributes that describe Jackie Robinson. Many people know that Jackie Robinson was a baseball player, but he was so much more. As a well known baseball player, Jackie Robinson showed pro sports that it is all right to have a black person play. He broke the professional baseball color barrier. He is the reason our sports are open to all. He left a lasting legacy as a hero to all, someone who gave up his life to undiscriminate professional sports. The origin of Jackie Robinson 's call to change started when he realized the problems in society that really did affect Jackie and his family. Robinson’s family was the only …show more content…

He was a big part in the fight for equal rights. Jackie Robinson took so much abuse on the field because of his race that it gave him mental breakdowns. These breakdowns sometimes took days to recover from but he went through all of that so other people would have better opportunities. But this didn’t just go on for one season, Robinson had to deal with that racism for about two years before he was really accepted as a “respected” baseball player. (Kuhn,web) and (Wilson,web). While fighting for equal rights Robinson also kept his spirits up. Many of Robinsons credit Jackie with being the light of the team. His teammates say that Jackie Robinson Was a big reason that they put so much time, work and heart into the game, they say that Robinson was what they turned to so that they could keep going. The Dodgers won six pennants with Robinson on their team and Pee Wee Reese, Robinson 's “best friend” said Jackie was a big part of that. (The Lincoln Library of Sports Champions pg.82) and (Kuhn,web). Robinson, during all of the pain he endured still managed to be the light of the team and an incredible …show more content…

We honor him for his bravery and his courage to impact our world in the right way. President Bill Clinton paid tribute to Robinson in Shea Stadium because of the impact he had on pro sports and on our world, during his time he was a symbol of hope and he still is. He was honored for all he did in this world and the impact he had on all. He did what he believed in. In Robinsons letter to the president he addressed how the world just keeps saying be patient and then wouldn’t do anything, he called out the president on how he isn’t helping everyone, he is hurting everyone. (Robinson, letter) and (Wilson,web). Robinson’s impact on society portrayed his legacy as a great one and made people realize that he was a hero, but also that everyone can be a hero.
Jackie Robinson truly has left an impact as the man who broke the color barrier. Withstanding all hate that was thrown at him and doing it while keeping a smile on his face and inspiring others. Jackie Robinson is a hero of change because he was able to break the pro sports color barrier by signing the contract putting himself of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Because of people like Jackie Robinson our world has become a place where we don’t judge people by the color of their skin but by their personality and the way we

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