How Did Jackie Robinson A Game Changer For All Sports

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Jackie Robinson was a game changer for all sports. He broke barriers in baseball allowing African Americans to play baseball. Jackie was hated at first but he didn't say anything and let his playing do the talking.Jackie didn't only change baseball he helped his community and the Civil Rights movement. Jackie is the most honored baseball player today he has his own day called Jackie Robinson Day in April and every player wears his number. 1.How did Jackie Robinson change the way Americans viewed African Americans playing baseball? Jackie Robinson ended the 60 years, of not having African Americans in the major league. When he ran out for the first time in 1947, he was made fun of but as the year went on he won the the Rookie of the Year Award. As he started to keep playing and playing good more and more Dodger fans started to like but not many other people liked him. Jackie came from the Negro League and people didn't like that because the Major Leagues were segregated. Jackie won the fans over by playing well because the team was winning then and the fans like winning. 2. How did Jackie …show more content…

He was elected into the Major league Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot which is very impressive because not many people make it on the first ballot, not even today. Today the MLB honors Jackie Robinson by everybody in the league wearing the number 42 which was the number he wore when he played baseball. The league wears the number 42 on April 15th which is known as Jackie Robinson Day and if there is any teams that don't play on the 15th they will celebrate it on the 16th to honor it still. Every year they bring the Robinson family out on the Dodgers field to celebrate the special event. This year will be the 69th anniversary of the day Jackie Robinson took the field for the first time breaking down the color

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