Jackie Robinson's Impact On American Society

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The people who were against segregation and promoted civil rights helped to accomplish what we call today, an integrated society. During the Civil Rights Revolution, there were many prominent figures such as Jackie Robinson, the first major league baseball player who influenced the court’s decision to integrate society. Not only did Jackie Robinson play major league baseball, but he also ran track, played basketball and football. He played these college sports at UCLA, USC and Pasadena Junior College, which are predominately white colleges.
Even though Robinson was black he was still desired on college teams because he possessed amazing talent. When it came to Robinson’s talent the color of his skin hardly mattered to some coaches. As a college
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M. Wilson, mentioned that the fans in the stands never really noticed who was on the field, instead they only examined what was on the field. They only looked for talent. They only came to see good baseball players. He also specified that “Race relations in baseball had reflected those in American society as a whole in the decades since the end of the civil war” which meant that sports, specifically baseball, had been affecting Americans ever since the 19th century. During this time the people who didn’t agree with American race relations decided to challenge the Jim Crow Segregation laws through baseball . Baseball had a major impact on American society and it brought people together of all…show more content…
When Robinson sat next to his friend who was black, but could pass for white, he was asked to move his seat. He refused to do so and was asked to get off the bus. Robinson was taken to court in this case. Unfortunately, the courts did not rule in his favor, but the word did get out that injustices had occurred. The NAACP got involved and so did other civil rights activist. He inspired other black people to act on another racist situation.
Several racial incidents occurred during this time. Jackie Robinson was accused of many racial injustices, but the way that he handled these situations proved that he was a peaceful person who resisted violently. He went to the NAACP to get assistance for these acquisitions and they took it to the next level with the justice system. Although they could not provide him with a lawyer they did support him by providing him with vital counseling and advice that could help his
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