The Effect Of Jackie Robinson On Baseball

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Joseph Maddox
Mrs Williams
English 10B
22 March 2016

How would you feel to get hit by a baseball 72 times with people throwing 90 miles per hour or faster. Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play Professional Baseball with white man. Jackie Robinson challenged the law that black man can not play baseball with white man and beat it.

Jackie Robinson acted to rebel against the law black man can 't play professional baseball with whites because he loved the game of baseball and that he wanted to care for his wife, Rachel Robinson. The reason he acted was because he didn 't think it was fair that whites were playing without african americans, and Branch Rickey, President of the Brooklyn Dodgers thought there should be a change so he signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers …show more content…

Jackie Robinson was upset with the policy of the color barriers and thought that baseball should not have it and when he got his chance he took it. What pushed Jackie Robinson was that he loved to play the game of baseball, and that he wanted to take care of his family, plus he wanted pro baseball to be to all

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